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Fifty years ago…

"You're an idiot… Why'd you bring me here? There's nothing to do here!" She kicked an empty can of pop and he sighed and leaned on the hood of his car, watching her angrily file her nails as his girlfriend giggled and wrapped her arms around him. "Stop being such a lovey-dovey couple… I feel like a third wheel." He frowned and looked down into her deep ocean blue eyes as they glistened. "Len, why'd you call me? It's almost midnight and I need to get home before the parents notice…"

"You remember the box, right?" he sighed, running his hand through his loose, brown hair, his girlfriend giggling, "The box that appeared on your doorstep that one day?" She scowled and took down her ebony hair. "Well, I think I'm able to figure out how to open it…" He looked down at his girlfriend and she obediently reached into her bag to pull out a medium sized, thick wooden box, handing it over to him. "You see that mark right there?" He pointed to an odd mark on the top of the box, the two girls looking at it. "I think it means that you have to wait until a full moon…"

"It's on tonight…" she said and looked up, his girlfriend looking up with her, "So, now what?" They looked at him as he looked down at the top again.

"From this symbol, I'm assuming that one of you two have to open it…" he relied and gestured towards them, "Since you two are girls…" Her deep ocean blue eyes widened and she smacked him across the face, making her snicker as he sighed. "Look-it's a picture of a female sign under the circle thing… So, one of you has to open it, right?" She sheepishly bowed her head. "It's okay, Ness. But one of you has to open it…" They both looked at each other, then back at him and sighed.

"I have a bad feeling about this…" she muttered as his girlfriend took the box and pressed on the lock, hearing a click!, "There's no turning back, guys… Are we sure?" The two of them nodded and she took a deep breath, swiftly opening the box…

Present Day

"You're Aria Love, right?"

"No, she's Alana, stupid… Of course she's Aria Love! Alana's three years older than us, Christopher!"

"It's weird how a celebrity is attending school with us…"

"She's not a celebrity! Well… Not yet, at least…"

I looked out the window, trying to remember what my math teacher was teaching before he angrily stormed out of the room when everyone kept asking me questions instead of them asking him about math. It was an interesting start to my first day of school here at Decatur High, walking right past peppy high school girls in outfits that I've learned that means they're trying to catch a certain someone's eye and entering the fun-filled campus only to make everything go dead silent, being the sore thumb out of the bunch and catching everyone's eyes. Over the years, I've learned to keep my head down and not make any contact with anyone (or, that's what my older brother and sister taught me to do after my sister went ahead to middle school), but at that moment, I must have forgotten that rule and decided to pause and look up at everyone. That was something I shouldn't have really done-I looked up to see confused and angry expressions, all of them towards me. After that, I looked back down and clammed up, walking into the school and into the office to get my schedule and other papers.

But, I could still remember how everyone looked at me as if I were an intruder to Decatur, whispering to each other and giving me disapproving looks… As if I didn't belong here with them, as if they were… As if they were higher than me in every possible way. My first day and I'm already… I'm already someone no wants to be around… That's how I felt. And with that feeling in me, I couldn't pay attention to where I was going to in the crowded hallways, so I ended up bumping into someone by accident.

"Hey…" the person said, an icy tone in the voice. I was scared to look up at who I bumped into, but the person had a grasp on my forearms, making it hard for me to step back and apologize in a comfortable distance. "Watch it…"

"I… I'm really sorry…" I said quietly, looking up into serious but nice looking chocolate brown eyes, my heart pounding hard in my chest. It was obviously a boy who I bumped into by the way the facial structure was. "I… I'm sorry…" He sighed and let me go, my left foot automatically stepping back as I shyly looked down at my black, low top converses for a moment, hesitating to look back up.

"Watch where you're going next time," he said, making me take the opportunity to look back at him. I have no idea why, but I felt like I wanted to… The second time I broke the rule. The boy had a serious look on his face, running his right hand through his shaggy, loose, coffee hair-he had his bangs swoop to the right side of his head in a really attractive way, just above his eyes in the right place, my face suddenly feeling a little hot. He's… He's pretty cute… I thought and he walked right by me, my hands clenching my schedule.

After that encounter, everyone suddenly changed their attitudes and started talking to me as I walked to first period class, but I didn't reply… I was a little shaken up by how one person talking to me could change everything. It was a really odd how everything seemed to lighten up after that, like everyone was relieved when that boy bumped into me and we had a really small talk. Everything after that was odd… And by odd, I really do mean it.

It's third period math and so far, that boy I bumped into seems to be in every class I have. When I walked into first period English class, he was the first one I saw… He was the peculiar one sitting in the very back near the windows, looking out and being alone while everyone talked to each other, but that stopped again when I walked in as a stranger. I was hoping that he wouldn't notice me, but Mrs. Clarkes, the teacher, made me go to the front of the class and introduce myself to everyone. And now that it's third period, he's well aware of me…

"Aria, you're a sophomore, right?" I blinked and remembered that I was still in the middle of 20 questions. I looked to see a bunch of girls and a couple of boys surrounding my desk, making me blush. "Wait, duh. Of course you're a sophomore. You're in this class…"
"Not technically," a boy said, smiling at me, "Erin and Jason were in the same class as us last year…" His strikingly pretty green eyes glistened and I looked back at the board ahead, seeing what the teacher had written. "They're a year older than us…"

"Well, they're stupid…" a girl with black highlights in her permed strawberry blonde hair, smiling as her green-bluish eyes smiled with her, "They had to study all night for mid-terms just to pass the class…" The bell rang and everyone started dispersing, my hands automatically grabbed my black bag.

As I stood up from my desk, I felt eyes on me, a shiver going up my spine as I looked just in time to see the boy walk right past me. My eyes widened and I looked after him as he hastily walked right out of the room, leaving me star struck with the after effect of his aura. This never happened to me before… How someone's aura could affect me in a way I don't recognize. A feeling crept up and I knew what it was-it was a feeling of familiarity. But, this was the only time I've ever met him. So why?

"Aria? Aria Love?" I turned my head and saw a petite red-headed girl in black high heels, really tight skinny jeans, and a loose, white cami. Her hazel eyes glistened as she smiled, walking towards me, her heels clicking right behind her and making me freeze up. "Wow, you're super duper pretty, Aria!" she laughed and held out her hand, "Erin Peace, junior at Decatur! I didn't think the rumors were true, but wow… We basically have a celebrity at our school!" She suddenly took my hand and shook it roughly, my eyes widening. "You must be wondering why I'm here, right? Well, we have fourth period together and right now, it's lunch for us."

"I…" Erin started to pull me with her with incredible strength, so I went along with her. "W-Wait… Hold on…" I stammered and she turned around and smiled again.

"Wow, you're super duper shy," she laughed and I blushed hard, "Aha, but Aria, I really hope we can be friends, okay?" My eyes widened and she looked ahead again, ignoring the fact that everyone was glaring at her. "So, I guess you met Carl Watson and Shaylee Covington…" I tilted my head and she giggled. "The one with green eyes and the girl with black and blonde hair… They're real jerks, so don't hang out with them, okay?" I tilted my head as we suddenly walked into a crowded cafeteria room, the sounds of conversation or getting lunches being deafening. "Goodie! Today's spaghetti for the special."

"Oh…" That was all I can say as she pulled me into the lunch line, finally letting go of my wrist and grabbing two trays, handing one to me. Erin turned around and started talking to two girls that were ahead of us, the line starting to move a little bit.

Decatur's cafeteria was partially inside and partially outside, most of the kids still being inside and getting their lunches, but there were some groups outside in the November weather. The tables were in an oval shape with five to six chairs placed at each one, a fake flower acting as a centerpiece on most of them, others with nothing. For the inside part of the cafeteria, there were three lunch bars in the middle of the room, all of them containing fruit plates, fruits, little snacks, Jello, and other snacks. As I looked ahead, I saw that the three lines became four lines, one for deli, two for hot meals, and one for hot snacks, like pretzels or nachos. Two cashiers were on the east side of the cafeteria, near two drink dispensers and utensil holders. As for the outside cafeteria, it was linked to the inside part by the south side of the wall being a row of window, swinging butterfly doors, and as far as I could see, the outside cafeteria had a shade roof and a patio for the tables. That was pretty much it.

I stared down at my empty tray as we moved up the line, everyone whispering around me as Erin continued to talk to the girls. What was I supposed to do? I already broke the number one rule for me… So, should I continue to keep it up, even though I broke it? Even if I did, I broke it again by looking around and seeing that some people were glaring at me. Did I do something? I wondered as I stopped to look back at the snacks.

"Erin is such a kiss up…" I turned my head to see Shayne Covington and Carl Watson sitting at a table near us, seeing a wicked smile on her face as she twirled her fork into her spaghetti, "She always wants to be high up in the food chain, so she's using Aria Love… Nice…" I looked back at Erin to see her smile as she grabbed the last plate of fruit and a small package of Goldfish Crackers before heading up the line.

I was amazed at how friendly and peppy Erin was, even if people gossiped about her right behind her back in a literal way. Erin was the type of person that wouldn't let anything put her down, and I could tell that she was obviously optimistic about things… And I really admire that. I wonder if she was thinking that she went out on a limb when she came up to me… I thought and picked up a package of Goldfish Crackers, following her sheepishly to one of the lines ahead, I'm… Actually glad she did it, though…

"So, what are you getting?" Erin asked and I looked at her as she smiled, "I've waited all month for this special, so I'm getting that." I tilted my head and she stared at me for a moment. "Oh, right. You just arrived, duh. Stupid Erin!" She smacked her forehead and I sighed. "Well, we usually always serve pizza, salads, and sandwiches-a variety of other foods, but who can name them all? But, in this line and the other line, you can usually get the pizza, hamburgers, salads, and specials."

"How are the salads?" I asked and Erin shrugged as we neared the counter, the smell of freshly cooked food filling my nose. I forgot that I didn't have breakfast this morning, so my stomach did a little growl, making me blush and looking worriedly down at it, Erin laughing as she tried to hold her tray steady.

"Wow, you're so petite," she laughed and wiped her eyes with one hand, "Well, I tried it once, but all I could remember was that it wasn't as fillable as this spaghetti…" She turned around. "The special, please, Miranda. And how are the kids?" I looked over her shoulder and saw a beautiful Hispanic woman standing there, smiling. Her black hair was all curled up and her brown eyes glistened.

"Ah, Mija, they are wonderful," she replied and handed over a plastic plate of spaghetti, "And… Fillable is not a word… I think." She shrugged. "How's your mother? She still has those busy nights in the office?" Erin giggled and nodded. "Well, wish her the best."

"By the way, did the testing results come in yet?" Erin asked, taking the plate away, "I know you've been studying to become a nurse for awhile now…" Miranda nodded and she squealed like a teenager, my eyes lowering. "I'm guessing you got in, huh? Well, how long before you're out of this butt hole of a place?"

"Decatur's not so bad," Miranda replied and her eyes focused on me, widening as she gawked, "You're that youngest daughter of… Of… Who am I thinking of, Mija?" Erin laughed again and Miranda snapped her fingers. "Someone important! That's all I remember!" I blushed as Erin started to turn away, leaving me there. "Something Love…" My eyes lowered and I saw Erin at the line for the cashier.

"Aria Love," I replied quietly but politely, "M-Miranda, wasn't it?" Miranda nodded and smiled. "How are the salads here?" She blinked at me and sighed.

"If you're a vegetarian, then you'll love it. Guaranteed," Miranda said and smiled.

"Then… I guess I'll take it…"

Everyone in my line suddenly went quiet as Miranda gawked at me again, making me look down at my converses again while everyone started whispering again, things like She's a vegetarian? or she can't be one! or that takes a lot of will power. I suppose it's a little odd to start being a vegetarian when you're only a teen, or maybe not, but after my brother and sister explained how meat was created when I was middle school, I lost my full appetite for anything that has to do with meat and never ate it again. There was an exception of touching it and preparing it for a meal, but that was it-taste testing was left for my family.

Miranda hesitantly gave me a plate full of salad, giving me a small container of Caesar dressing and a pouch of croutons before I could open my mouth again. Once I left the line, everyone started talking again, but the topic was about how Aria Love was a vegetarian and how it surprised most people. By the time I paid for lunch and got my utensils and drink, everyone in the cafeteria was talking about me being one. Shaylee and Carl gave me weird looks as Erin and I walked right past their table, a little more whispering and snickering coming from them.

"Don't mind those idiots," Erin sighed and smiled an assuring smile as she guided me to a table with three guys sitting there, "Hey, you guys. Have you met Aria yet? She's super duper shy and guess what? She's so strong willed to be a vegetarian!" I blushed and took a seat next to a boy with shoulder-length blonde hair, gorgeous light brown eyes and peachy skin. He had a facial structure that was symmetrical in a unique way and from his flannel shirt I could tell that he had arm muscle, but not that much. All in all, he was really handsome in a… Perfect way, I guess you can describe him.

"Yeah, I heard," one boy said and I looked, seeing that he was really cute, too. This one had nice but messy light brown hair with blonde highlights at his edges, his bangs swooping over his olive-green eyes. He had a thin face structure, and I could tell that he was tall and somewhat skinny, but I could also infer that he had some muscle on him. "That's so cool! I can't even handle a day without my daily meat consumption!" I saw Erin's jaw drop. "Whatever, Peace… I can learn to use the words I've been taught in English!"

"I didn't say you couldn't, Tristen," Erin said and hit the forearm of the other boy at the table playfully, "Huh, Jace?" I looked at him and saw that he was staring at me with an intrigued look on his tanned face, his black brows arching down over his green-yellow eyes. A frown went on his face as he pushed back his black, thin bangs. His black hair was medium length, thin and layered, stopping just right behind his neck. He was cute, too, but you can tell that he lives to work out, his six-pack sticking out of this t-shirt.

"No meat? How can you live?" he finally asked and I stood up straighter, the blonde-haired boy I was sitting next to chuckling, "It's hard to believe that you're even one…" He smiled and flashed his white teeth at me. "Jason Andrews, Erin's childhood friend and fail-buddy." Erin suddenly pinched his left cheek, using her painted nails to dig deep into his flesh. "Ouch! Jeez!"

"That's not fair!" she cried and Jason pulled her hand away, rubbing the red spot on his cheek, "The only reason I failed was because I was in the same class as you…" Jason chuckled and went on to eating his lunch, Erin sighing.

"Those two are always flirting…" the blonde-haired boy said and I looked at him as I opened the container of dressing, "Daniel Hunt, call me Danny." He grabbed his fork and speared a grape tomato from my salad with it, putting it in his mouth. Daniel smiled and I sighed and took a napkin, using it to tap the corner of his mouth where a spot of tomato juice was. He lowered his eyes and I went back to preparing the salad, the boy with messy brown hair gawking. "Well, aren't you a housewife?"

"Don't be so mean, Danny," he said and smiled, putting up his thumb towards me, "Tristen Gold, at your service, Miss Aria Love!" Daniel rolled his eyes and picked up his sandwich and took a bite. "Hey, is it true that Alana and Alec are in town?" My eyes lowered and I set down the container, Jason elbowing him in the side. "What? Ah… Wait! Hold on!" He stood up and slammed his hands down on the table. "Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!"

"You didn't hurt them," I said and looked up, "You're right… They're in Eugene, but they were heading up to Portland this morning." Tristen stared at me and smiled. "But, I think they'll be in Oregon for the rest of the week." He laughed and started eating his lunch, Erin smiling at me.

"So, you're the youngest at this table, Aria," Erin said and twirled her spaghetti as I mixed the salad, taking a bite, "Danny and Tristen are seniors, and Jace and I are juniors." I looked up and my eyes immediately focused on the boy from earlier today glaring at me from across the room with his chocolate brown eyes. He scowled and suddenly dumped his untouched lunch into the trash bin and started to head for the door.

"Who's that?" I suddenly asked, unable to resist asking as I gestured towards him, everyone at the table turning their heads and bodies to face him, "I… I bumped into him earlier and I think I have the same schedule…" Erin immediately turned around and I saw the shocked look in her hazel eyes.

"He didn't just ignore you?" she asked, and before I could answer, she giggled a flirtatious giggle, "Wow…" I tilted my head and Erin smiled. "Probably because you're drop dead gorgeous that you got him to talk to you!" My eyes widened and I shook my head slowly.

"Yeah you are, stop being so modest," Daniel said and smiled, "You have the perfect figure, unique facial structure…" I shook my head again and Tristen nodded.

"I remember seeing you for the first time in years since Alec and Alana and your parents did that interview and brought you out," Tristen said, flicking his fork at Jason, bits of food flicking off and onto him, "The first thing I thought when I saw you a year ago, I thought you were just a photo shopped picture or a realistic image of a girl someone created… That's how pretty you are." Jason sighed.

"Kiss up," Jason said and smiled, "But, you're beautiful, Aria. So maybe that's why he talked to you." I tilted my head and he snapped his fingers. "Right… His name is Len Cameron; he's been at this school since his freshman year last year. But, he's known for his icy attitude towards everyone and being sort of… A loner, I guess."

"Len never really talks to anyone and always does stuff on his own," Erin added, sipping her soda, "One time, I accidentally spilled soda on his pants and of course, like anyone, he got mad. But he just gave me a cold shoulder shortly after and never spoke to me again." She sighed and blushed. "He's so… Weird, in a cool way. I did have a crush on him last year, but…"

"Oh…" was all I could say and started eating the salad on my tray, Daniel starting to pick off the tomatoes again. Why does it seem that his own presence bothers me in a familiar way? I guess it's because he was the first person I bumped into at this school… I thought and looked at Daniel as he started eating his sandwich again, seeing stains on the side of his mouth, but… I don't think he likes me… My hand automatically reached for a napkin, but he wiped off the stains and continued eating.

"Aria, can you come with me?" Erin asked and I looked at her as she slid the rest of her lunch towards Jason, who happily gobbled it all up, "Wow… But, seriously, I need to fix something and I don't want to do it alone…" I nodded slowly and Tristen suddenly stood up again from his chair.

"Can I have your salad?" he asked and I automatically pushed it towards him, Tristen smiling as he started eating it, Daniel scowling. "I as' forst!" he snapped with a mouthful of salad, Daniel looking at me as I sipped my soda. I looked back at him and sighed, sliding my drink towards him.

"Jeez, first day and you're already stealing her lunch," Jason said and Erin and I stood up, grabbing our bags and pushing in our chairs, "Have some class, will you? Besides, aren't you using the same fork as her, Gold?" Erin and I started walking away, her heels clicking after her as my converses squeaked on the floor. As we both made it to the doors of the cafeteria, we heard Tristen scream and something get thrown across the room, Erin giggling as we pushed open the doors, both of us stopping in our tracks.

Len Cameron was leaning against the brick wall of the outside hallway, his hands in the pockets of his denim jeans and his eyes giving off an irritated feeling. Erin quickly stepped two spaces back and making me in front as Len slowly turned his head and saw me, his brows arching down. He removed one hand and went to his left ear, removing an earphone and turning his whole body towards us, Erin's hands clenching my faux leather jacket as he started moving his mouth.

I couldn't hear what he said because my heart drowned out everything in my chest, my finger tips all buzzing as he spoke to us, his eyes focusing into mine and making me paralyzed. Len stopped talking and waited for something-maybe an answer? But I wouldn't be able to give it to him because I had no idea what he said, but all I know is that something weird was going on mentally in me and I couldn't stop it, and before I knew it, I was hugging him tightly while Erin squeaked.

My eyes widened and I wanted to let him go so badly, but there was an urge inside of me that wouldn't want to let go of Len, and it was so strange. A feeling of familiarity crept to my nerves and I clenched his double-zipper black and gray hoodless jacket, looking up at him as he stared down at me. And then, I finally got control of my body again as he started opening his mouth, my hands letting go of his jacket and suddenly stepping back. Len stared at me with a weird look and I avoided his eyes as my cheeks felt really hot then, my heart still pounding hard.

"I… I'm really sorry…" I stammered and suddenly, Erin quickly pulled me away by my wrist, both of us quickly running right past him and quickly turning the hall, "Erin… What are you doing?" She looked behind me and I saw how serious she was.

"You're so… You're something, Aria Love," Erin sighed and she dragged me into the bathroom, letting go of my wrist as she went into one of the stalls, closing it and locking it, "I didn't know you had a thing for Len already!" I looked at myself in the mirror as she started to go on and on about how you impacted life on campus for her just on the first day… To be honest, I blocked her out for a little while.

I examined my peach skin cheeks, seeing that they were still a little red from hugging him like that… Why did I? I wondered and my face turned red again as I remembered how I couldn't resist the urge to hug him… Or somehow, wasn't able to control my actions, I'm pretty sure that I don't like him like that, though… And we just met… My dark brown, auburn hair was a little messy from being pulled around by Erin unexpectedly, almost being out of its high ponytail. I don't get why I did it… That… That wasn't me… I took the hair tie out of my hair and it fell down, a sigh coming out from my mouth; I leaned close to the mirror to inspect my ocean blue eyes, something I always did when I'm lost. That wasn't me…

Sure, of course it wasn't…

My eyes widened and I looked back at Erin's stall, listening in to what she was saying and feeling that weird buzzing sensation in my nerves again as I heard her still talking about me. Who was that? I wondered and looked back at myself in the mirror, biting my lower lip as she continued to talk, how is it even possible? I can't… Think… Suddenly, a familiar voice filled my head with laughter, my eyes widening as I figured out who it belonged to. But… I'm not laughing! I thought as I heard my own voice laugh in my head, my hands clenching the edge of the sink, what's going on?

Wow, I can't believe how weird this is! We're like… Linked!

The voice that was mine started talking in my head again, but I knew it wasn't me. For one, I don't giggle between every word, but my voice-her voice?-just kept talking and my body started to freak out. My knees started shaking and I couldn't control it-it was unbelievable how I was mentally breaking down!

You are NOT mentally ill, trust me… I wish I could explain myself, but I don't think you're ready… I took a deep breath and started to calm down, a feeling of excitement suddenly jumping to my nerves out of nowhere. Wow! You're real easy to connect to! Maybe 'cause you're so shy?

I don't know what's happening… I thought and I heard even more laughter, this is just… Just too weird… I looked down at the sink and it went quiet in my head. H-Hello? I felt weird thinking that to myself in my head, making me feel really crazy…

It's cool that we have the same voi-

"Aria? You okay?" I quickly turned around and saw Erin standing there behind me, a worried look on her face. "Phew, okay. You're not going crazy," she laughed and walked up to the sink that was next to mines, "I kept trying to talk to you, but you wouldn't reply…" She turned the water on and started washing her hands. "Being on your period sucks…" I nodded slowly and looked at myself again, listening closely.

No voice.

I sighed and turned on the water, blushing as I continued to be cautious about when it would pop out again… But why now? Why right after I just embarrassed myself to Len? When I thought about his name, my heart raced away and I knew what it meant… That I liked him. But it's only the first day, I thought and turned off the faucet, I can't like him… It's impossible… I don't know anything about him, yet. So, why am I feeling like this?

It's crazy, but I waited for my voice in my head to answer back, but again, no reply. I couldn't tell why this was happening, but it was obviously connected to the reason why I hugged him like that. That wasn't me, I kept thinking and waited Erin to finish putting on eyeliner, that wasn't me who was hugging him… It was… It had to be someone else… I leaned against the edge of the sink and crossed my arms over my chest. It had to be…

"Can I brush your hair?" I blinked and looked at Erin as she held a brush, smiling. "Sorry, I mean, I don't want to sound like a creep or anything, but your hair is super duper long… And really pretty." She giggled and I nodded slowly, Erin suddenly turning me around and starting to brush it. "Aria, how long is your, do you think?"

"I think… I think about three feet… Maybe… Why?" I asked and she gawked, but continued those little strokes against my hair with the brush.

"It's almost to your butt! How can it be only three feet?" she asked and I shrugged, "Here, take off your shoes…" Erin kicked off her high heels and I sighed, slipping off my converses and stepping onto the cold, tiled floor of the bathroom, my socks not protecting me from the coldness. "You're taller than me, Aria…"

"I think I'm five foot five," I said quietly and Erin let out a huge sigh, brushing my hair again, "You're about Alana's height, Erin." She giggled and I smiled at her. "She's about… Five foot three, maybe two inches…" Erin put down the brush and we both looked at ourselves in the reflection. "I… I don't like him, Erin."

"I know. I was just teasing you…" I looked at her as she smiled weakly, but I already knew the real reason why. "But, he was apologizing for earlier, when you bumped into him this morning, I guess," she sighed and leaned down to pull on her heels, "And he told you that you shouldn't be thinking in La La land during the rush hour in Decatur." I tilted my head. "You're really something, Aria Love," she said again and stood up, taking the brush and putting it in her bag.

"Erin…" I sighed and she fixed her hair, "What's fourth period?" A bright smile when on her face.

"Electives, and coincidentally, Len Cameron is in that class."

Fourth period home economics was the most awkward period I had for that day. Not only did Erin tell the truth that Len was in that class, but we were both paired up for a cooking assignment. I couldn't look at him throughout the whole entire time and every time I asked him for ingredients, I kept my head down and avoided his eyes. Erin, on the other hand, kept giggling from across the room along with Daniel and Tristen; her partner that she was paired up with ended up doing all the work, but it seemed okay. As for me, the whole entire dish was messed up and we ended up cleaning up the whole kitchen from the huge mess we both made. But other than that, I found out that Len and I don't exactly have the same schedule, so that kind of made me feel… Relieved?

I stared at the blank page on my desk for science class, blocking out everything Mr. Sturgeon was saying. Why? I wondered and the bell rang, slowly gathering my stuff and standing up from my seat, why is this happening? My feet trudged my body out of the room, seeing that everyone was out in front of the school to get to their buses or walk home with friends. I don't really understand… It's only my first day, too…

Something vibrated in my back pocket of my pants, my hand automatically pulling my phone out of there. Alana… I thought as I saw a text from my older sister, my thumb swiping in my pattern code and typing in my number code. I clicked on the text and sighed, seeing that it was a picture of Sub-Zero ice cream and my older brother's finger in it. A small smile went on my face as I read the message:

Alec slammed his flipping-off finger in the Mercedes door again, sis. When will he ever learn?

As I typed back my message back to her, I felt eyes staring at me from the back, a shiver going up my spine as I hastily tapped the send button, locked my phone and hurried down the hall. My heart pounded hard in my chest, my actions being a little too much familiar, all the while footsteps being heard right after me-except they weren't mine. I have no idea who's still here after school… I thought as I walked down the steps in the stairwell, other than me… Especially when it's a Thursday…

"Aria, hold on…" My feet stopped and a cold hand grabbed my wrist, my eyes lowering as I breathed heavily. Len turned me around and I froze as he glared down at me. "Don't you need this?" he asked and suddenly, he handed over my house keys, my eyes lowering, "You left them in fourth period…" I started to open my mouth, but Len beat me to it. "You're a klutz… Just be glad I returned them to you."

"Th-Thanks…" I said quietly and he turned around. The lunch memory came into my mind and I felt my heart race, but ignored it. Don't you dare think about apologizing, Aria, the other voice in my head snapped suddenly, making me hesitate, we're linked and nothing can- "I'm sorry… About hugging you at lunch today…" Len looked back at me and lifted a brow, anger suddenly running through my nerves, but I ignored that, too. "I don't know what came over me… It was… I…" He sighed and waved.

"I know," he muttered and walked back up the stairs, turning the corner and disappearing from view. I let out a huge sigh and leaned onto the wall, trying to calm my heart.

Why did you apologize, Aria? The voice screamed and I sighed, walking down the stairs as it kept screaming, no, don't you dare! I wish I knew how to control your body instead of your emotions… I stopped walking and felt sadness replace the anger. You felt my emotions, right? Well, I told you, we're linked in some ways… My feet started moving and I put my keys into my back pocket, going towards the front doors of the school. I think I made you hug Len, Aria.

You think? I thought back and it felt as if I've been talking in my head to myself for years, even though it just happened today… And it's really making me feel… Crazy. Is… Is this really happening?

What is?

That I'm having a conversation with myself in my head… I pushed open the doors and saw the empty campus of Decatur High. I don't get how it's happening… But… I suddenly stopped thinking and looked up at the school windows above me, seeing Len staring down at me. He stared and stared at me for a long time, and then he scowled and walked away from the window. Why does he not like me?

Trust me, he likes you… He just has a weird way of showing it, the voice replied and I started walking again, I don't know if you're ready yet, I've told you. Maybe in a few months, I can tell you why. After all, we all just met, Aria. I turned right and walked off campus, blocking the voice out of my head-well, in a way, I did.

Along the trip back home, I kept trying to figure out what keeps causing the heart races every time I think or see Len, since I really know-and I'm sure of it-that I don't have feelings for him. It was just… Weird how it all started on the first day… But when I opened the door to my room and plopped down onto my bed, letting the voice replace my thoughts again, I finally got it-it was staring at me straight in the face.

The voice in my head has feelings for Len Cameron.


My eyes opened and I suddenly fell off my bed and onto my white carpet, laughter filling my ears and my heart slowing down. A hand suddenly yanked on the back of my skinny jeans and I was staring out the double doors that lead to the balcony of my room. I sighed and another hand smacked my back hard, but I didn't budge-I just looked back and saw my brother and sister standing there, smiling their usual goofy, huge smiles. They both looked at each other for a second, and then hugged me tightly.

"Aha, you're so cute!" my brother said and kissed a wet one on my left cheek, his similar ocean blue eyes twinkling behind his dark auburn bangs. He smiled, his pearly white teeth glistening. "Wow, it seems as if it's been ages since I last saw my baby sister!" My sister suddenly punched him in the cheek, scowling as she sighed. He fell onto my bed, groaning.

"A-Alana…" I sighed and my sister snickered, hugging me again, "I thought you two were going up to Portland… To meet Mom and Dad so…" Alana put a finger on my mouth and I stared at her as she sighed.

"Alec slammed his middle finger in the door, remember?" she sighed and we both looked at him as he groaned, "So, I had to drive all the FUCKING way back!" Alana suddenly stepped on the bulge between his legs, my eyes widening as he screamed. "Damn, you need to man up, you pussy." I started to open my mouth and she looked at me and smiled. "He wanted you to kiss his boo-boo, Aria-Alexis."

"Alec…" I sighed and grabbed his left hand, pulling him up as he sniffled, tears flowing out of his eyes, "I love you, too…" Alec cried and I looked at his left hand, seeing his middle wrapped with a bandage. "How did you end up slamming it in the door again?" I pressed my lips on the bandage and he sniffed again.

"He was carrying so much stuff and I told him to give-" Alec suddenly jumped up and shoved Alana in the chest.

"THAT'S A FUCKING LIE!" Alec yelled and Alana rolled her eyes, making me sigh as I sat down on my bed, "You just slammed the trunk and walked right into the fucking front seat! Like, what the hell?" I fell back and let my brother and sister argue with one another, and knowing my brother and sister, they will probably fight for another six minutes. I love Alec and Alana, I thought as I stretched and felt my phone as it vibrated, and I won't ever have the heart to think less of them… But…

"I swear to god, Alec, touch me again and I will go black belt over you…" Alana snapped and I unlocked my phone, looking at a text from an unknown number, "And I thought I stomped on Jessica." I looked up at them with a questionable look. "Jessica's his current girlfriend, so he nicknamed his-"

"You did hit Jessica," Alec cried and rubbed the bulge, Alana giving him a disgusted look, "And Lexi!" Alana choked and I sat up slowly, one of my brows lifting. "Yes, I did name one of them after you, Aria." Alec smiled and Alana gagged.

"That's sick," Alana sighed and suddenly pulled me off the bed, dragging me towards the door with my black tank top, "Come on, Aria-Alexis. Let's go out to eat, since it's clear that you didn't cook dinner for any of us…" My eyes widened and she giggled. "Kidding… I know, high school's rough on everyone's first day, even a Love's." She sighed, a hint of jealousy in it. "I miss high school, Aria… I'm just glad that I'm not twenty-one yet…"

"Oh shaddup," Alec said and followed us closely behind, "I can legally drink now, and besides…" He put on a playboy smile and Alana crinkled her nose. "Twenties are the best years of your life-you get settled down, get someone pregnant… Run away when you get someone pregnant… Change your name when you get someone pregnant…"

"That's your plan of being twenty," Alana sighed and the three of us walked down the stairs, Alana still pulling my tank, "My plan is being wild and free-no boys to hold me back, maybe a one-night stand here and there, but no. I'm not getting pregnant and taking care of a kid until Aria gets out of college or whatever."
"Why?" I asked softly and she finally let go of my tank top when we got off the last few steps of the stairs.

"Because, I'm going to leave my babies with your babies," she replied and smiled, Alec rolling his eyes and pulling on his shoes, "You can handle four or five kids, right, Aria?" I sighed and pulled on my worn out sneakers. "I'm planning on having one or two kids… And knowing you, you'll probably have four or three." I blushed and went into the kitchen, seeing that I left my fake, white leather jacket on the large, granite island countertop.

"I'm… I'm still wondering why Mom and Dad built this house…" I said and pulled on the jacket, zipping up the zipper a third of the way up, "It doesn't seem reasonable for them to build it…" I heard Alana and Alec snort in harmony together as I went to the sink to close the window and curtain, fixing it to look nice.

When I moved into Eugene, Oregon, I thought I was going to live in a small apartment near school, but then again, my parents go a little… A little overboard. So instead of going to a small, reasonable apartment after landing at the airport in Eugene from San Francisco, California, I was driven by one of my mother's advisers that was "coincidentally" in town to a huge, white, designer-like house a few blocks away from Decatur High. Of course, when I saw it, I called my parents right away and tried to figure out the living arrangements, but ended up losing the battle.

The house may be only a few blocks away from Decatur, but it was well hidden for one, having a few hedges around the property and two, being the only house on the street; everything else was all un-built property and other houses… And living around un-built property doesn't really attract a lot of people, so barely any people walk by the house.

What I've learned from my parents was that during the time I spent in San Francisco, they were building this house, so I guess that it's really new. Throughout the four years I've lived in San Fran, I was unaware of the fact of a two story house being built just for one person to actually live in it. I mean, this house has a really vast kitchen, two grand living rooms on the first floor and one similar living room on the second floor, two entertainment rooms-one on each floor, a total of four designer bathrooms, two huge study rooms, three guest bedrooms, four master bedrooms, and a huge garage two fit in at least six cars. Out in the back, there's a pool and a Jacuzzi, but we also have those in the inside pool room that's connected to the house. A curved marble staircase connected the first floor to the second, and was one of the first details you would bump into when you first walk in along with an unreasonable designer chandelier; being one of the children of Sandra Love, model and actress and wife of Alexander, CEO of an electronics company and actor as well, everything has to be designer… It's odd how I'm still shocked at how expensive things can get with the Loves.

"It's 'cause they love you so much, sweetheart," Alec said and put his arm around me while I turned to lock the door, Alana hastily grabbing my hand, "See? Alana's jealous because I love you way more than her!" He stuck his tongue out and I saw that his tongue piercing was fully gone. Three years ago, to celebrate his adulthood, Alec decided to get his tongue pierced but has regretted it ever since. "Who's driving?"

"Aria, you're D.D., okay?" Alana responded and tossed me the keys to their silver Mercedes SLS that was parked in the driveway, Alec leaving my side and walking with her to the car, "You have your permit, right?" I nodded slowly and unlocked the car, the doors swinging up and Alec getting in the back. "Oh shit… You have a PERMIT," she suddenly snapped and Alec cursed with her, "Damn. That means we have to be back by fucking midnight…" I didn't say anything as I got into the driver's seat, turning the engine on as the doors closed automatically.

"I don't suppose you guys are drinking tonight…" I said softly as I reversed out of the driveway, turning the wheel and going down the street, "So… Where should we eat tonight?" Alec suddenly hit the back of my seat, but I ignored it and turned left.

"I'm craving Buffalo Wild Wings," Alec said and Alana suddenly smacked his forehead with her heel, making him fall back.

"She's a vegan, remember?" she yelled and I stopped at a stoplight, looking at them as she turned around in her seat, "She can't eat meat!" Alec scowled and pouted in the back. "Or… Was it a vegetarian?" I smiled weakly and Alana sighed. "Eating meat isn't so bad, baby sister. It's not like you're going to die, right?" My stomach turned and the thought of me eating a chicken's wing made me queasy. "I bet you're just-"

"Can you stop?" Alec sighed, "It's clearly making my baby sister sick…" He rubbed my back and I squinted as I started to drive again. "Let's go to Olive Garden, then… It's clear that she hates you now." Alana sighed as I drove into the highway, my eyes focusing on the road.

I don't mind how Alana and Alec make fun of me being a vegetarian; I know they don't really mean it…

No wonder you're so petite… You're a vegetarian!

I closed my eyes for a moment and let the voice chat inside my head again.

I thought… I mean, not to be rude, but I thought you were listening during lunch today… I opened my eyes and saw another stoplight ahead. You are attached to me… In a way, right?

Sometimes I can't hear you because I'm looking through your memories.

"Huh? You okay, Aria?" Alana asked as I groaned, sucking in so much air and exhaling it, "Is something bothering you?" I shook my head slowly as the voice laughter echoed throughout me. "Okay… Take a right next, okay?"

Oh, Aria, you're so adorable… It giggled and I focused on the road again. I didn't know that you took ballet, karate, tai chi, and tae kwon do… You must have had a lot of free time, huh? And not to mention that you play so much instruments! Very talented, you are, my little girl.

I took ballet, karate, tai chi, and tae kwon do with my brother and sister, I responded and took a right, just like Alana instructed and in view was an Olive Garden restaurant, and… Learning instruments was a way to pass time, like you said. I paused. Um… Do you have a name I can call you by?

A name? Yeah, I guess… Call me Celeste, 'kay?

Celeste… That's a pretty name…

I guess, Aria…

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