Agianst eternity

A group of friends. A boy chosen by destiny guided by fate. The chosen hero of the abyss and heaven. The angel of the world, rider of a dragon. Against light and dark he fights. His friends beside him as he enters oblivion, walks through endlessness, and faces eternity.
The wings of Hope and Chaos meet in the night sky under the jurisdiction of the stars they join the hero in the figh. They follow the path of which the moonlight reveals.
The path to eternity where the last Judgement befalls them. The pendulum of time that governs life and death.
Theough a maze of shadowed truth and memory they must walk in the twilight of dawn and dusk. A mere promise a power of a hero drives him forward through the flames of the inferno and the cold depths of the pit.
The edge of eternity the song of the heroes hearts the swords forged from the heart the battle begins. a un-predestined battle, the sword of soul silences eternity.
A heros fate done a question that burns in their minds. Aftermath standing on the sea of the sun. "What now." a new beginning?