Made: Monday, May 7, 2012

Time: 10:55pm

The world is turning black
The cat says she is back
She's got the gun-
Did you have fun?-
You've got to face the facts

You mean nothing to her now
So your life you will endow
Just a prick
A bloody shtick
So I suggest you bow

Who played the Joker in the deck?
Man, your life's really a wreck
Clap and jeer
The end is near!
Oh, don't be so direct

A Jack will rise above them all
And give a really faulty call
He is the one?
It's just for fun!
And soon again he'll fall

You shouldn't worry for the Queen
Go dance and lie and cheer and sing!
A flash of red
And she fell dead
And oh, bad bearings that would bring

Now the King gave it his all
A man so proud and loud and tall
Oh, just a mask
Just a small task
And was brought down to a crawl

The cat came back to groom
And told you of the doom
What to do?
It won't be you!
'Cause she'll send you to your tomb

The Ace knew all along
Her wrath and evil strong
She took us down!
She took the crown!
And you knew it all was wrong

Just a misery we saw
Behind the curtain call
Nothing to do!
Nothing of you!
So let the cards all fall