I hear them. They call me.

The voices. Begging me to come and find them.

But where are they? I don't see any of them.

Where should I look?

I don't know why, But I need to find them.

It's almost like it's crucial to my very being that I find out who they are.

What direction do they come from? I take a spin around to see if I can find out.

No luck. I guess I'll just have to blindly search.

There has to be some sort of clue as to where I can find them.

I'm feeling lonely. Doubtful thoughts flood my head.

What if I never find them? I wont ever feel fulfilled.

The idea of failing makes my heart hollow.

I feel a deep ache down inside of me.

I've never felt this way before about something so... So unreal.

I need it. My life wont be right without it.

But what is IT?

I have to search and find out. I can't give up when I haven't even started.

Just a little drabble poem I wrote while listening to Seagulls by Port Blue. Go. Now.