Summary: Cieque Talquias isn't human. One day, she gets captured by humans who then treats her like a slave and sell her to a traveling boy, Vex. What Cieque doesn't know is that Vex isn't some ordinary boy. And at the same time, Vex doesn't know that Cieque has the power to determine the world's future…

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Chapter 1

A cloaked figure ran through the dark, moonlit forest, carrying a bundle that emitted a baby's cry.

She tripped on the root of a tree—her hood coming off to reveal the long, aquamarine hair and a beautiful face—but immediately recovered and dashed forward again.

Turning her head slightly backwards, she caught sight of few figures following. Gasping slightly, she sped up.

Arriving at a small pond in a clearing, she panted and called out softly. "A… Azule…"

The water shimmered, and a small figure the size of a hand burst out with a splash. It landed on the surface of the liquid, and stood there.

"Have you called, Lady Isaris…?" the figure said quietly, bowing a little. It seemed to notice the bundle in the woman's arms. "Is that…?"

Evening out her breath, she nodded. "My daughter."

The figure walked forward and lifted its tiny arms upward. Two large hands materialized from the surrounding water, and imitated the upwards motion of the arms.

Isaris kissed the baby's forehead softly, and placed the bundle in the liquid hands.

"I… entrust her to you, Azule," she whispered in a shaky voice.

A small head nodded. "Yes, Lady Isaris. I am honored to be of your service."

With a parting bow, the figure dropped into the water. At the same time, the hands dispersed, water wrapping its slick body around the now sleeping baby. The water sphere containing Isaris's daughter melted into the pond.

Isaris stared at the still pond water for a few seconds before running toward the direction of the pursuers.

"There she is! Catch that witch and tie her up!"

Isaris stopped where she was. As she watched dogs and men with swords, chains, and ropes dash toward her, a small smile materialized on her lips.

"Good bye, and grow up to be a kind and powerful leader..." she closed her eyes, a small tear tracking down her cheek. "My beautiful daughter, Cieque…"

Isaris extended her arms to her sides. Light started to spark off her body, and the temperature dropped sharply.

When she opened her eyes, they were glowing in a chilling shade of cyan.

The dogs and the men stopped in their tracks, and looked around.

"Wha—"one stuttered, teeth chattering in the cold.

"D-didn't Madam Toria seal her powers…?" another said; his lips blue and tongue frozen.

The men desperately wrapped their arms around themselves, tugging their jackets up to keep warm. The largest man—the leader, no doubt—walked forward, and raised his rifle.

"Do not be afraid of a mere witch!" he yelled. "Do not lose to some change in the temperature; GET THE WITCH AND BURN HER TO HER DEATH!"

The men, their confidence renewed, roared up despite the bone-chilling coldness, and started to move their frozen legs.

Isaris parted her lips. Frosty clouds appeared all around them, and ice crystals hung in the air.

"Duratus et Iudicet Hostium ad Mortem."

And the forest shook, engulfed in a bright and algid light. The sound of the fleeting wind overpowered the men's shouts and the dogs' yelps.

When the blinding light and the wind died off, everyone around the forest could see that it was snowing, in the middle of summer, and that it was deathly silent in the woods.


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