Asylum of Darkness

Chapter 6

Deep Secret

"There's this women's voice saying 'help me or they'll kill me. It's haunting my dreams." Claire explained, getting a sip of her orange juice.

"Are you sure?" Sadie pondered.

"I'm sure." Claire replied.

"Well Westmore is over a hundred-years-old." Zoe chimed, "So you must of felt a slight chill from one of the original ghost's that haunt the place."

"Can't be Andrea, her death looks recent." Claire mentioned.

Just then Plum came to the table, she had crepes, muffins, and plum juice on her tray.

"Room for four?" Plum asked politely.

"Sure." Zoe said, in her gloomy side.

"How's your first night?" Plum asked Claire.

"Got a bad dream, I ran to Ward D." Claire simplified her dream to Plum.

"That's horrible." Plum said bluntly.

"I wonder what's in Ward D." Claire pondered; Zoe, Sadie, and Plum were flabbergasted at what they heard.

"Are you crazy?" Zoe snapped.

"Aren't we all?" Claire clarified the fact that there in a mental hospital.

"No one is to know, or tell in Drake's case; about what's in Ward D." Sadie harshly said.

"Why?" Claire asked.

"No one knows why." Zoe chided in her joyful side.

"Is there something that Westmore has to keep a secret?" Claire asked.

"Look we don't know what's in Ward D, all we know Drake is the only one who's been there, and he's not speaking up. Not to his roommate, not to his parents, and certainly not you." Sadie explained.

"It's best not to know, Claire. We all want to get a move on with our mental problems." Plum cooed in monotone.

After breakfast the girls went to the lounge where Logan and Layla we're reading Interview With a Vampire together, Violet was writing a letter to what appears to be her parents, and Trevor is trying to put the moves to an enraged Drake.

"A typical morning at Westmore." Zoe chided in her gloomy side.

"Yeah." Sadie tersely agreed with the bi polar werecat.

Jeremy came in and he looked very happy to see everyone.

"Gather round everyone, it's time for morning group." He said, in a happy mood.

Everyone, but Andrea grabbed a chair and formed a circle around Jeremy. Jeremy was concern about Andrea.

"Has anyone seen Andrea?" Jeremy asked the group.

"I'm right here." Andrea said from behind Jeremy.

"Oh, there you are." Jeremy said tersely, "Why don't you grab a chair and join in." Jeremy added.

"Ok, whatever you say." Andrea was amused at Jeremy's kindness.

"Now that everyone is here. Shall we get this going?" Jeremy pondered.

"Yes." Everyone but Claire said in unison.

"Now who would like to go first?" Jeremy asked. There was an awkward silence for a brief moment, until Jeremy broke the ice, "How about Trevor?" He turned his attention to the love-struck incubus.

"Well for some reason I'm starting to fall for Drake." Trevor explained, "He completes me as a whole."

"I'm NOT going to date you, homo!" Drake barked at Trevor.

"I'm bisexual, it's a curse. Don't you see love as much as I do?" He cooed to the enraged sea monster.

"Still I'm not interested in you!" Drake snapped.

"Now Drake, you need to control your anger, or they'll send you back to Ward D again." Jeremy calmly said, "And Trevor you need to keep your distance from everyone's personal space." Jeremy added to Trevor.

"Fine." Drake tersely said, "No hard feelings?" Drake asked.

"It's cool." Trevor accepted the apology.

"Now anyone else would like to put they're two cents in?" Jeremy asked the group.

"I like to put my two cents in." Claire said, raising her hand.

"Let's hear it." Jeremy calmly said.

"Last night I had this dream where I was running down the hallways of this building, where I was at the doors of Ward D. Then this voice said to help her, or she'll be killed." Claire explained.

Jeremy was shocked at what he heard, from Claire.

"Claire how long have you had this nightmare?" Jeremy asked.

"Since last night, I don't know what this means." Claire said.

"Well don't let the nightmares overwhelm you." Jeremy consoled, "Have you had any dreams related to your parents' deaths?" He asked.

"Well no, this is something that came in, when I got here." Claire explained.

"Poor thing, whatever shall I do." Andrea mocked.

"Andrea." Jeremy admonished Andrea to shut up.

"What. She doesn't belong here." Andrea defended.

"Doesn't matter Andrea." Jeremy said.

Then an orderly came rushing in, like he was running a marathon and winning at that.

"Jeremy you have to make this group short. Your wife is having the baby now!" The orderly explained, while catching his breath from the run.

"Group is over." Jeremy tersely said, while rushing out of the room like a marathon runner winning a 5K run.

"What now?" Claire asked.

"We go to the library for school." Zoe chimed.

"Let's go." Sadie said.

Just as the girls headed out of the lounge, Lenore came in with a tray full of pills, which we're for everyone in the room.

"Hold on, girls." Lenore sternly said, "Don't forget your medication." She added.

"Right, the meds." Zoe said.

"One cup for Claire, one for Zoe, and one for Sadie." Lenore said, giving them the medication.

Soon after the other kids took their meds, they went to the library, where they sat down on desks. And on those desks were textbooks, and notebooks to write notes. Claire sat down next to Zoe and Sadie like she normally does since she's got here. Lisa entered slowly entered.

"Ok everyone, I to see silence." Lisa slowly said, "Yes Claire?" She asked pointing to Claire.

"How can you see silence?" Claire asked.

"I have my ways." Lisa quipped, "Now Claire, since I don't have any assignments from your teachers in Vermont, I guess you can read the book that you check out from me yesterday." She explained.

"Ok." Claire responded, "But the book is in my room." She added.

"Lisa can I escort Claire to get the book?" Zoe asked.

"Sure." Lisa bluntly said.

Zoe and Claire got up and left the Library, for Claire's room. They we're in the hallways when a conversation came out.

"So what caused you to come to Westmore?" Claire asked.

"Well my gloomy side kept on getting me in trouble." Zoe explained.

"How so?" Claire asked.

"Causing me to get suspended and even expulsion from my school. I was forced to attend alternate school, but something within me snapped. And I cut myself, enough to send me to the hospital and eventually here." Zoe exclaimed in her joyful side, then she revealed her arm to see an alarming amount a cuts.

"Ouch." Claire cringed.

"My gloomy side did this with my claws, in which I had to trim them weekly in order to keep them as a lethal weapon." Zoe lamented in her gloomy side.

"My cuts on my arm are the ghost's fault." Claire quipped, "See." She said, rolling out her sleeve, showing the cuts. Zoe was stunned.

"Your scratches are deeper than mine." Zoe said depressingly, "How did you live through the pain?" Zoe added.

"I don't know." Claire tersely responded.

After the walk to Claire's room, they got the book and headed back to the library.

Inside everyone was quiet, and studious like a library should be. The only noise that was uttered was a faint scribbling coming from everyone's pencils and/or pens.

Claire read her book in peace, until Andrea shot through the book, right at the part where the Frankenstein monster kills the very creator that made the monster. Claire was somewhat scared at her.

"What are you doing?" Claire asked quietly.

"You're not fazed at me aren't you?" Andrea hissed quietly.

"Of course not, why do you say that?" Claire asked.

"Damn!" Andrea shouted loudly.

"SHHH." Lisa admonished Andrea to be quiet.

"Let's take this outside." Andrea said, escorting Claire out the door of the Library.

Outside in the lounge Andrea and Claire we're sitting at the table.

"Tell me how you became a ghost." Claire said, trying to get an answer from the vengeful spirit.

"That's none of your business." Andrea retorted.

"As far as I could tell you were stabbed to death." Claire said, looking at Andrea's torso, which had small tears on the nightgown.

"That's what the others think." Andrea said tersely.

"Also why aren't you catching up in school?" Claire asked.

"Well I'm dead, duh." Andrea sarcastically hissed.

A brief, but awkward silence filled the lounge; not even the adjacent nurses' station made a single sound. This was similar to the long car ride Claire endured on the way to the asylum.

Soon the silence ended by an alarm at the nurses' station, where the nurses and orderlies rushed out of the room, like runners at a high school track meet. Andrea instinctively covered her ears, at the loud sound.

"Why are you covering your ears for?" Claire shouted enough to let Andrea hear her.

"Someone, most likely Drake; most likely had done something wrong!" Andrea shouted back.

Soon enough the alarm stopped blaring and Andrea removed her hands from her ears. Everyone except for Drake came back to the lounge. They we're somewhat annoyed at what happened.

"Where's Drake?" Claire asked.

"Well he's in Ward D." Logan and Layla replied in unison.

"I knew it." Andrea said.

"What he do?" Claire asked.

"Let's just say, he tried to slit my throat." Trevor stammered.

"Good riddance." Zoe gleefully chimed, openly showing her disdain for the rageaholic sea monster.