Weighed down by burdens,

who knew staying alive would

be such a battle? Overcoming

one obstacle after another, my

life is a miracle. Valuable and

wanted, I am God's Christmas

gift to the world. Sometimes

life is not a fairytale, but I

still refuse to wail and abuse

my blessings. Abundant in supply,

oxygen, please never let me go.

My heart is God's beautiful masterpiece

of art. Listening to my heartbeat, I

feel truly alive in this blissful moment.

I can breathe so I must indeed have

the ability to dream and think outside

of the box. Driven by fate and destiny,

I am living for something much more

greater than myself. Just like a stubborn

long overdue baby, tomorrow might not

never come. Learning to live in the present

moment, I cherish the daylight and wish

my anguish away. Talented, I only have one

life to live and one heart to give. Shiny

lighthouse, a house full of love never seems

far away. A ring of fire, a ring of endless

love and desire, provides swift justice for me.

I don't want to fall apart, therefore I end the

cycle of drama and befriend serenity. Spirit

of perseverance, God's divine protection

and intervention keeps the sun out for me

every hour. Covered in Jesus' blood, my

feet drift off to elsewhere hoping to avoid

danger. Safe in God's care, I dare to move

on his behalf and see the world through

a poetic artist's eye.