I Dare You to Say You Love me-By King Lune

We'll smile, promise each other forever,

Then we'll close our eyes, turn around and cry,

Forever is not a time that goes on ever and ever,

It is a whispered, hoped for lie,

We'll hold hands and kiss,

We'll grin goofy, bow to each other polite,

When we're done we'll say we were missed,

That we were the stars in that other sky, in that other night,

We'll pretend that life isn't a millisecond in a grand scheme.

That we're the main characters in a romantic, colorful, rarity.

Oh we'll know in the back of our heads that it's not what we make it seem,

That this promise isn't a lie on the verge of insanity,

We hide in laughter filled with fake goo-goo eyes,

This is love, we'll whisper to each other petting invisible heart strings.

We are the players, the righteous smirks in the mirror of realities lies.

We are the swaying hips of lost and found flings.

The mother and father of all humanity.

I beg of you, prove me your purity, the color a whispered white dove.

Prove that you above such idiocy.

Tell me, that you dare say, that you love me.

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