Dream for Me-By King Lune

Dream for me,

Close your eyes and breath,

Let loose, be free,

Don't let reality trap you beneath,

I am the eyes that peer through the storm,

The hand that braces the broken,

I am the breath against your cheek warm,

The gleaming hope bringing token,

I am the one dancing without a sound,

The one singing in the unfeeling dark,

I am the newest, piled, dirt mound,

The one without a distinguishing mark,

I am the dream you keep close,

The tears you hide beneath anger,

I am the black and white rose,

The kiss you longingly give to a stranger,

I am the screams you never voice,

The goodbye you'll always wish you gave,

I am the one who didn't give you a choice,

The path you willingly paved,

I am the lost one,

The one taken in the fiery night,

I am the decision you promised done.

The life you decided to fight.

You are my savior,

Billowing in winds of broken.

The forgotten legends whispered of old lore,

Together we are dreamers never awoken.

I wrote this for a story I was writing about involving a virtual reality game. But, take it whatever way you wish.

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