Souji watched Jamie growl angrily at the vampires.

"Oh, seems like Paul was right", he said amusingly. "So, you wanna kill me eh, doggie?"

The other one shook his head. And before the blond would move, Jamie pounced at him with his claws out. He dodged, by an inch and Jamie landed on the ground beside the dark haired one.

Jamie turned at Souji suddenly and growled at him. Souji was taken aback for a second then he realised Jamie was telling him to run while he distracts the two before them. Jamie turned back to the two vampires and jumped at them. Maybe Souji was just imagining it but Jamie only seemed to attack the blond one. Their movements were hard to figure out as they were moving rapidly. The other black haired person simply watched them with a bored look on his face.

Maybe that was his chance, Souji thought and he ran off into the alleyway behind the hospital. He heard a loud crash followed by whining from behind and stopped for a second. It sounded like Jamie was hurt. He swallowed as he felt his heartbeat faster. He was starting to sweat and the hospital clothes were sticking into his body. He panicked as he heard footsteps behind him. One of the vampires had caught up to him. He realised how helpless he was. Last time he was saved by Liam and Vida but this time there was no one around. His cheek and fingers were stinging. He also had been clawed on his chest by Jamie yesterday and the wound was prickling. He clutched his chest as he tried to get away from the footsteps behind him. This was exactly as that time eight years ago, when he was running away from those rough looking people. No matter how much he ran, they always caught up to him but fortunately, at the ultimate time the police had caught up to them as well and he was saved.

Souji's breathing had increased and he felt his energy fading slowly. His heart nearly dropped when someone unexpectedly grabbed his shoulder and pulled him aside. It was Vida who had pulled him. Souji stopped breathing for a second then let a long sigh out in relief. Vida put her finger around her lips quietly and she pushed him on the corner. She turned away from him and stepped out of the corner.

"Oh, it's you", Souji heard the voice of the blond vampire. He stepped and peeked out to see Vida standing before the blond vampire. "Nice to meet you cutie", he chimed at her.

"Hey, don't look so mad, it'll ruin your pretty face", he cackled.

Vida grabbed her long bag on her back and took out her shinai.

"Whoa, are you gonna fight me?" he stopped laughing. "No way, I don't wanna kill you, not yet... wait until I suck you dry". He grinned making Souji have goose bumps on his body.

"So", the vampire said as Vida moved forward and struck him with her shinai, but he dodged swiftly. "You killed six vampires all by yourself?"

Vida thrust her sword forward aiming for his shoulder but he dodged. "You're stronger than you look, eh?"

He was dodging Vida's every move as if he was reading her mind. Souji saw Vida's breathing increase. She was getting tired. He was obviously on a different level than the previous vampires.

"Let's cut the chase", he said after a few seconds. It was as if he was getting bored of the fight. "I don't have all day so I'll just take you with me".

Vida dashed forward before Souji could blink and raised her sword. Her blade slashed the vampire's front, ripping his robes apart. Souji blinked and realised her shinai had turned into a katana.

"You're obviously very skilful", the vampire nodded in appreciation. "But too bad... I've seen your weakness already".

Vida looked surprised but before she could react the vampire had grabbed her wrist. Her eyes widened as her sword fell on the ground with a clatter and he pulled her closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist. Her legs left the ground. She flinched as the vampire licked her neck.

"You're nothing without a sword are you?" he sneered at her. "You're just a cute little girl, now what can you do to me".

The other vampire arrived looking flustered. "Fester!" he shouted. "Why the hell did you leave in the middle...?"

"Oh, Vicky, there you are", he said. "I found the hunter girl, look".

Vicky stared at Vida for a few seconds. "That was quick", he said.

"Take care of her for me while I get the boy", Fester said and pushed Vida towards Vicky.

"What the hell are you doing?" Vicky asked as he caught Vida.

"High class rich boys smell so tasty don't cha think?" Fester grinned. "Now he's waiting to get caught by me".

Souji jumped as he found Fester right behind him. Fester stretched his arm and hit Souji's stomach. Souji fell with an 'oomph' on the ground. Fester walked out of the corner dragging Souji by the leg.

"You killed him?" Vicky sighed. Vida suddenly thrashed and tried to break free but Vicky pulled her closer to her and grabbed her chin.

"Oh no, I'm gonna have a taste of his fine, rich blood first", Fester grinned.

"Dude, he smells awful", Vicky shook his head.

"Here comes the mutt", Fester said and Vicky turned to see Jamie stumbling towards them clutching his arm.

"Wow these dogs are really powerful aren't they?" Fester said amused. "I tossed him through a brick wall and broke both of his arms, and he's still moving".

"You didn't have to be that brutal", Vicky sighed.

"You're too soft Vicky", Fester grinned. "That's why you don't get acknowledged by our Lord, who's your own uncle". Vicky scowled and turned away.

"You think these humans and those mutts deserve a chance to live don't you?" Fester stepped towards Vicky with a scorn. "And why do you think they are above us? They are nothing but dirt". Vicky said nothing as he held on Vida.

"Let my friends go!" Jamie shouted from a few feet away. "Why're you after us? We have nothing to do with you right? Just let us go, please".

Fester cackled. Vida shook her head at Jamie frantically.

"Looks like you want a death sentence don't you, kiddo?" Fester said after he'd stopped laughing. "Yeah, it's true", he nodded. "You and Richie Rich here have got nothing to do with us... we only wanted to kill this little hunter girl here, since she's the one who's trying to stop us... but, killing you and your rich friend is even more fun, isn't it?" His laughter rang the deserted alleyway.

"What's going on here?" a voice sounded and everyone turned around. A middle aged person with police uniform was standing a few feet behind Jamie.

"Mr Hamlet!" Jamie exclaimed.

"Jamie? Jamie Breeze?" Mr Hamlet noticed Jamie beside him. His saw Jamie's ripped clothes and bleeding face.

"What happened to you?" Mr Hamlet asked in shock.

Vicky grew uneasy as he watched the policeman moved closer to the boy.

"Fester, let's get out of here, we don't want the police involved", he murmured to Fester.

"Oh no, the nice policeman can join in the fun too", Fester cackled.

Mr Hamlet grabbed his gun on his holster. "Did they do this to you?" he asked Jamie, took out his gun and pointed it towards Fester and Vicky.

"Let the girl go and put your hands on the air where I can see them", Mr Hamlet barked at them.

Fester grinned and lifted his hands. He started to walk towards the policeman.

"Don't come closer or I'll shoot", Mr Hamlet cocked his gun. "You! Long hair, let her go".

"Do you really think—"

Fester's sentence was stopped by a loud bang. Mr Hamlet's gun was smoking from the end. He had fired from his gun. Fester stood still for a few seconds and looked at his chest where a bullet had pierced. There was no blood coming from the wound, rather it was as if the bullet was wedged inside a wall. He continued moving as if he was pinched by an ant.

"Bad choice", Fester muttered. Stunned, Mr Hamlet lowered his gun. "A very bad choice".

As soon as the words came out of his mouth Mr Hamlet's throat was under Fester's fingers.

"But you won't live to regret this choice", Fester muttered.

He lifted Mr Hamlet's body higher like a doll and stabbed his chest with his clawed fingers. Blood spurted out from Mr Hamlet but he could not scream out. Then with a terrible crack Mr Hamlet's neck broke and his body went limp. Fester whisked away the body and wiped the blood off his face. Jamie knelt on the floor in shock.

"These people trying to be brave", he scoffed. He then poked out the bullet from his chest. "Ugh, since it's fucking morning I won't heal quickly", he growled. The bullet had left a hole on his chest.

"Hey, look at you all frozen up", Fester said looking down where Jamie sat wide eyed. "Couldn't handle a little massacre, eh? But yesterday didn't ya butcher three newborn scum by yourself? I have to thank you for that boy, I was thinking of killing them myself, they were getting too cocky".

Jamie had started to hyperventilate. Vida whimpered on Vicky's arms. She tried to get off as Fester moved closer to Jamie.

"Stop squirming, if you don't wanna die", Vicky murmured through closed lips to her making sure Fester didn't hear.

"So boy tell me your last wish", Fester bent down closer to Jamie. Jamie didn't reply. He simply stared at Mr Hamlet's empty hollow eyes.

"Too shocked to speak?" Fester said and laughed. "Okay, then no wishes for you, you'll simply go to the afterlife".

"No..." Vida begged and tried to pull of Vicky's hands.

"I said stop moving", Vicky snarled. Tears had started to fall from the girl's eyes.

Fester's hand moved closer to Jamie.

"Stop it!" Vida wept and wrenched free from Vicky's grasp. Before Vicky could grab her again she had clutched her sword lying on the floor and ran towards Fester and Jamie. Fester's fingers were close to Jamie's throat.

She swung her sword high and slashed Fester's back. Fester howled and moved away from them.

"Ouch! What the hell?" Fester growled. Vida knelt down near Jamie and hugged him. Jamie grabbed his head with trembling fingers.

"Stay away!" Vida cried shielding him from Fester.

"I was taking it easy cause you're cute, don't make me kill you, girl", Fester snarled. Vida glared up at him her face stained with tears. Her left hand holding the sword was shaking badly.

"That's quite a face you're making", Fester said amused all of a sudden.

"Oi, the lord has summoned us, we need to go", Vicky spoke up. Fester said nothing for a few seconds, it seemed like he was thinking.

"The boy is obviously important to you, so I'll make a deal, cause I'm nice". He grinned at Vida. "I won't kill your mutt, but you'll have to come with me", Fester stretched his arm and caressed the girl's cheek. Vida dropped the sword on her hand and put her arm around Jamie.

"Believe me, I'll let the dog free, if you come with me", Fester said. "I'll even forget that you're a hunter".

Vida had stopped crying and glaring at the person before her.

"Take my hand", he said and stretched his palm at her. Vida looked at the hand for a few seconds.

"M—mum..." Jamie moaned and Vida hugged him tighter.

"Hey, he's gone crazy hasn't he?" Fester said. "Looks like he's gonna wet himself".

Jamie had started to whimper and mumble. Vida tried to console him by rubbing his back.

Fester suddenly grabbed Vida's arm.

"I'm not a patient person, girl", he muttered. "You're coming with me". With that he yanked Vida off Jamie. Vida whinged softly as she was hoisted up Fester's shoulder.

Jamie looked up to see Vida on Fester's shoulders. He looked terrified. He stretched his arm at them.

"Don't... don't take her away..." he pleaded. He put his hands around his head again and started to shake vigorously.

"Oi, Vicky, you bring Richie Rich with you", Fester called to Vicky. "Hurry up, we're leaving".

Vicky frowned for a second and heaved Souji's body on his shoulders. Then he and Fester both disappeared with a blink of an eye leaving Jamie on the alleyway.

I felt the two vampires leave. I could do nothing to stop them because my head felt as if it was going to burst. My arms no longer hurt, it was as if they had healed by themselves. My shaking had gone uncontrollable. I had gone through this already. I stared at the empty eyes of Mr Hamlet. His blood had spread over me when he got stabbed. I grabbed my head as hot flashes of my nightmare swam before my eyes.

"Jamie!" the woman screams "Run away!"

The cackle of the person in black robes rings through the forest.

"Let's see how your spawn like it when I rip you off in front of them", the person says amusingly.

"Jamie! Run away with your sister!" the woman screams again.

As I try to run away the person stands looming over me.

"Going somewhere brats?"He growls. His blood red eyes make me shudder. My sister moves closer to me and starts to cry.

He grabs both of us and throws us on the feet of our parents. Our mum grabs us and hides us behind herself. Our dad cocks a gun at him but the person grabs the gun and whisks it away.

"You can't kill me, mutt", he growls at our father. His honey eyes widen as he shields us from the man. "You can't even try".

From behind our mother I see the black robed person raise his arm and stab at our father's chest. My sister shrieks making my ears ring. Our father's eyes become hollow and blood spurts out of him covering us in red. Then he moves to our mother and grabs her neck. Her arms leave our bodies and she is raised high above the ground. With a terrible crack, her neck breaks under the person's fingers.

My sister screams louder. The black robed person throws our mother's lifeless body aside and grabs my sister.

"Shut up, little mutt", he growls at her. She continues screaming. I see anger in the person's face.

"Shut your trap, you little bitch!" he barks at her making her hush immediately. "Not a little noise".

He throws her on the ground and moves in closer to her. I am paralysed. I stare at our parents empty lifeless eyes. Their blood is all over my body. I start to scream.

From the corner of my eyes I see him raise his arm to strike...

"Connor!" someone calls out. The robed person stops. More footsteps arrive near us. Then I lose it. I see nothing hear nothing, only the sound of my own screams muffle all the noises. I feel someone shaking me, but I can't stop screaming. Someone is calling my name over and over again, but I can't stop my screams.

And that is how I lost my memories.



"Get a hold of yourself!" someone shook me roughly.

I opened my eyes with a start and sat up. Panting, I looked around to see who had called me. A pair of almond shaped honey eyes met my gaze.

"D—Dad?" I stammer. No, he wasn't Warren Breeze, he was my real dad.

The person's eyes widened in shock.

"Jamie?" he said uncertainly.

No wait. He's not dad. Our dad is dead. I watched him die years ago. This person before me is...

"Uncle? Un—uncle?" I said.

The person leaned back and opened his mouth to say something but no words came out.

"You... remember who I am?" he asked finally.

"You're my uncle... you're uncle... Wyatt..." I said slowly. My heart was hammering inside my rib cage.

Uncle scoffed and sighed.

"No way", he said shaking his head. "You remember... I thought you'd forgotten about me..."

"Uncle... uncle Wyatt..." I said again.

His eyes filled with tears and he gave me a hug. I hugged him back. I remembered the feeling, from long time ago. The warmth was similar to what I felt from our dad years ago.

"I finally remember..." I said tears falling from my eyes. We stayed still for a long time, hugging each other. It was overwhelming me, the reunion with our father's twin brother. It was all coming back to me, one by one the memories I had lost. My head no longer throbbed anymore.

Then reality snapped back at me.

"They—they took Vida and Souji!" I exclaimed. "What're we gonna do?"

"Just calm down for a second here, Jamie", uncle said quietly.

"What're we gonna do?" I asked him.

"Leave it all to me, Jamie", he said and ruffled my hair, like he always used to. "You don't need to be involved anymore, it's not your war".

"No, it IS my war!" I shouted making him flinch.

"Jamie..." he said, his face full of distress.

"They took my sister!"

Took him long enough didn't it? Now Jamie's got his memories back what will he do? Curious to know what happens next? So am I XDD

Thank you for reading. Peace out until next time. ciao ciao =]