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The curtain swung back and hit Damon square in the face.

"What the hell Adam!" He said squinting into the light. Adam was standing at the window shirtless and in pajama pants.

"You need to get up!" He said

"And you need to shave your back, what are you talking about?" Damon said, his blue eyes flashing red.

Adam turned back to Damon and rolled his eyes. The demon was never one for mornings.

"We need to actually get out today." Adam said rolling his eyes.

"It's sunny outside." Damon said and pulled the blanket over his head. This resulted in the blanket uncovering his feet. Beds never fit his tall frame. Adam rolled his eyes and snuck quietly over to where his head was.

"RRRRRRRRUFF!" The booming bark startled Damon. He attempted to roll away from him but the tiny bed caused him to fall on the floor. Adam peered over the side.

"Good, you're up." He said and left the room.

He didn't see Damon flipping him off. Adam made his way down the hallway. The door stood out from his and Damon's. It was black and polished wood and as he slid it open he could swear he heard ominous organ music coming from inside. He rolled his eyes and opened the door. Charles was lounging in his coffin. His room had the distinct look of a funeral parlor meets a Victorian brothel.

He was laying there with black silk boxers on and reading a magazine entitled Vampire Vixens. Adam rolled his eyes and cleared his throat before he became witness to something that he would not want to see. Charles looked up and shoved the magazine under his pillow while getting up and stretching.

"Morning." He said carelessly

"Morning Chuck, we have to do something about the apartment."

Charles raised his eyebrows

"Do something?"

"Yeah the place is a mess; we need to go grocery shopping; cause there isn't anything in the fridge except for pickles, mustard and blood bags, there is hair everywhere, goat blood on the living room rug, about an entire lingerie shop behind the couch, thanks to you, and we need to repair the furniture from our last gamer night."

Charles rolled his eyes,

"Yes Mom." He said hopping out of the coffin.

"Why can't we just ring up housekeeping? It would give me something to snack on." He said grumpily pulling on a black Henley and jeans.

"They stopped letting us call for them when the last maid hid in your closet covered in whipped cream."
Charles smiled at that and Adam punched him. Charles immediately let out a snarl and lunged at him. They crashed into the wall in the hallway with Charles's canine teeth bared. Adam's claws grew out and slashed at him.

"You need to brush your teeth after you eat man." Adam said as they fought their way into the living room. "Who was it this time?"

"A redhead, very spicy." Charles said grinning again as he lunged for Adam's throat.

"Classic vamp." Adam said easily fending him off and growling his eyes turning yellow. Damon stumbled out of his room in bright orange boxers and saw the fight that was going on. He rolled his eyes and picked up his copy of the Bible he had doodled in and hurled it as hard as he could at the pair. It hit Adam straight in the head and he staggered back dazed.

"Why not just hit him with a rolled up newspaper?" Charles said collapsing on the rug.

Adam gave him a shove but Damon with a wave of his hand, forced him back a few feet.

"Okay I'll quit it." He grumbled angrily. Damon rolled his eyes and picked up the huge stack of mail by the door.

"Let's see what we have, Electric bill, water bill, heat bill, Charles's reminder to renew his porn subscription, Canine Monthly for Adam, Feline Monthly also for Adam, you dirty boy, Coupon for Hot Topic, that's mine, Netflix Interview with a Vampire for Charles, Netflix An American Werewolf in Paris for Adam, and Netflix Drag Me to Hell for me." He finished throwing the various things at Adam and Charles who caught them deftly.

They sat down to breakfast with Damon and Adam eating dry cereal since the milk had gone bad a week ago and Charles had his usual pint of blood. Damon glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Crap! I have an interview in an hour!" He jumped up and ran to his bedroom."

"What do you care about working?" Charles said as he heard a stumble from the bedroom and a curse.

"It's at my targets work. I need the job." He said coming out with a tooth brush and a shirt the clashed with his tie. Charles rolled his eyes.

"This is why I only dress in black." He muttered

"Who is the target?"

"Girl named Catherine White, apparently a pretty tough cookie." He said

"I give her a month." Damon added.

"Bet your soul?" Adam asked grinning.

"If I had one, yes." Damon laughed and disappeared out the door with half his shirt still untucked.

Adam opened his Canine Monthly magazine. Charles rolled his eyes.

"At the table, really?" He said in mock disgust. Adam gave him the finger and continued reading about brushes that were supposed to reduce shedding and improve coat health.

Damon ran into the school where his interview was at and went into the office. They directed him into the principal's office for the interview. It went swimmingly and as he left the office he nearly ran into a girl who was a foot shorter than him and had very curly red hair. Catherine White.

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