The Tank

She awoke.

Her eyes opened and, for a moment, she panicked as she took in the scene around her, and then she relaxed despite her location.

Her arms were bound, as were her ankles, and a chain ran across her waist where her legs folded forward, her knees coming toward her belly even without command. She lifted herself slightly on her toes, straining against her bindings. Her breasts demanded release from the spandex piece that had been stretched across them and tied behind her back.

Her location was the strangest part, but even that was acceptable. She had told him she liked doing things underwater, and oh! What fun they could have with her strapped inside a tank.

She arched her back again and the water caressed her where she realized she wasn't wearing anything at all. She moaned in ecstasy and closed her eyes.

Light shone up from the bottom of the tank, but she could not see out – could not see the man who had put her in the tank.

That was all right though because she realized that the top was not the only bit of spandex on her. There was a blindfold covering her eyes so she couldn't see the person who held a mouthpiece to her mouth so she could breathe some air, but she could hear the man talking to her, could feel him touching her.

He ran his free hand down the side of her face to her throat, grasped the collar and the tag that hung from it, and gave it a firm yank.

"Who do you belong to?" the voice demanded. "Who is your master?"

The voice sounded off, strange, around a breathing mask but erotic all the same.

"You," was her reply. "Master."

His hand continued its journey, satisfied with her response.

He brushed the bottom of her breasts, the part that was exposed despite the spandex top.

She shivered.

He seemed pleased. His hand continued down, and the water lapped at her from the wave his hand created as he went lower.

He pulled on the ring hanging from her belly button, making her arch her back against his body and drawing another moan from her.

Then his hand went still lower and suddenly, his fingers were in her. He pushed his fingers in and out, in and out, drawing a moan from her.

"Quiet," he commanded. "I want to make you come, but not yet. Oh, no. Not yet. You'll pleasure me first. Then -" He chuckled. "Then I'll fuck you until you scream."

She believed it. She honestly believed it.

All of a sudden, he grabbed her knees and pulled them apart. He was using both hands now as he had attached the mask to her face with...

She wasn't sure what. All she knew was that his hands were on her ass and then his dick was inside her.

He wasn't gentle and the buckles from the chains rubbed her as he pounded into her.

His nails and his bindings. His bindings and his nails.

Both bit into her flesh deliciously, and she smiled to herself even as she felt pain course through her.

"You want that, don't you sweetheart?"

The way he used sweetheart was not meant to be an endearment as most people meant it to be. Coming from this man, it was almost an insult. It was his way of saying, "Screw you bitch. You have what I need, and I'm taking it whether you like it or not."

"You want my cock in your pussy."

And she did. She really did. She couldn't grab him, her hands were bound, but she wanted him deeper, harder.

Somehow she found the words, and she told him what she wanted.

And he complied. He grabbed her dark hair, which was floating over her head in the tank, wrapped it around his hand, and yanked her head back so that her throat was exposed to him. Then he put his other hand at the small of her back to raise her hips to meet his as he used his knees to prop her legs open. His went deeper as he rammed his body into hers.

With a scream, she came, her muscles tightening around his dick, making his hands tighten until his nails dug into the skin on her back and into her scalp. She could feel the sting of water where his nails cut into her flesh.

He pulled out of her fast, leaving her mid-orgasm so that she shook – partially from the need to finish and partially from the pain this position was starting to cause her. His fingers replaced his dick.

"You'll come now," he said, and as if his words were magic, she came as his fingers enticed her clit over and over – taunting, teasing, pushing, pinching.

"Does that feel good sweetheart?" he asked. "Do you like that?"

His dick joined his fingers, bringing her to the edge she'd already peaked twice and toppled once.

She screamed again, and before he was halfway done, she felt how sore she was becoming. This kind of sex was pure carnal pleasure, but it was also torture. She curled her fingers and her nails bit into her flesh.

"Told you I'd fuck you until you scream," he said laughing.

He pulled her collar and yanked her blindfold off, so she could see the man who just made her come so hard it left her quaking.

She screamed again.