Being the middle child of the Carson family isn't always easy; let me be the first to tell you this because if I don't, my sister Jamie will. The Carson family is well known throughout most of the region. My mom and dad, Samantha and Sean, have lived here all their lives. My aunt raised my mom and her sister, and my dad's uncle raised him and his two brothers-ironic isn't it? When my parents announced they were to be married, their aunt and uncle were so overjoyed that they took it in their hands to plan the wedding and pay for the expenses. It was said to be the biggest wedding of the 80's. After a year of marriage my parents found out they were expecting a new addition to their happy little family- my sister Selena. You can just imagine the joy that must have given them; both of them having to go through life without parents and everything. My mom used to tell me that they promised each other to be the best parents they could be- so far they haven't done too badly in keeping that promise. But, I was thinking, they made a promise saying they would be the best parents they could be when they thought about one child. What about the next six?

My name is Anneka, the third Carson sister, and no matter how many people say that I'm not, I know I am the least gifted child of the family. I mean even my six-year-old sister Allie, has a talent. (Apparently in this messed up world being cute counts as a gift).

Selena, my 24-year-old married sister, who lives in Africa, (more on that later), is a pediatrician and that is about as gifted as you can get.

Moriah, age nineteen, has her own column in the paper and is a very talented journalist. Let me tell you, too, she is really good at what she does. So anyone who's ever made fun of her for what she does and the things she writes about better just watch out, because nineteen year olds are someday going to rule the world.

Jamie is one of the twins; her and Emily were born two years after me and are now fourteen. They're not alike in any more than three reasons: 1. they are both girls 2. they're a twin and 3. they're both part of the Carson family. That's about it. Jamie was born six minutes before Emily, but you would never know it by their appearance. Jamie likes to act older than she is, but Emily doesn't need to because she's just naturally very mature.

We all have our thing here, and Jamie likes skateboarding and Emily figure skating. They both pour their hearts into what they do, but the difference is that Emily does it for the joy, and Jamie does it for…who knows what reason. Jamie's a very quiet and unsociable person, to be honest. And although I don't really like choosing favorites, Emily is my favorite sister and I love her more than anyone in the world. She's my best friend, and we're closer than Jamie and her will ever be. People find this strange, thinking that just because they're twins makes them soul best friends and all, but it's just the norm with Jamie that if you had her and a stranger to choose from, you'd pick the stranger. Jamie isn't exactly what you would call a social butterfly, and if she had it her way she would be completely removed from the Carson family all together.

Emily is the sweetest person I know, even more so than my mom which most people call an angel. She loves helping people and is always positive. She's practically everything Jamie's not with the exception of being beautiful. The twins are both beautiful; Jamie with her dark brown hair (and recently added purple highlights) and Emily with her natural, untouched, honey colored waves. Emily is tall and curvy, whereas Jamie is at normal height with a straight-lined body and pancake chest.

Enough about Em and Jamie; you'll hear enough about them as our story unfolds. I have yet another sister who I've already mentioned about having the talent of being adorable. Don't get me wrong, Allie is not one of those bratty kids who get whatever they want with a fall of a tear. (There is no way my parents would allow that) Allie is actually the sweetest kid I know.

She wasn't expected, so when she came we were all really surprised. Whether it was the joy of having yet another sister/ daughter or if it was just the fact of having another sister/daughter, I don't know. Truly I don't remember how I felt then about Allie, but I do know how I feel about her now. She's kind of the girl who takes the attention off you when you "have those moments" (you know which ones I'm talking about) and also the kid who would make your greatest moments look ten times greater than they really are. I wish Selena hadn't moved out before she was born, because maybe if she had waited she would have thought more about what she was doing and why.

You are probably wondering why I started the introduction of my life with an "I'm probably the least talented too". Well, the only reason I did this was because I have a talent, but I don't know what good it will do for me later in life. I mean sure, dance means the world to me, but what good does it do for other people?

I mean all my sisters help people in some way; Selena saves children's lives every day. Moriah's columns help teens with the changes in their lives. When Emily skates at competitions, those roses everyone throws onto the ice for her go directly to the nearest hospital and she gives them personally to the closest person who looks like they could use a smile. Jamie, well, no one expects her to do anything for the sake of others so she gets away just fine with doing that. And Allie, well although she is just a kid, she still brings people happiness with those pictures she is always drawling.

So you can see with how talented the rest of my family is with making other peoples' lives happy, while still making their dreams come true, I feel like a loser sometimes.

I mean sure, if truly set my mind to do it I could think of something useful to do with my dance. I mean, I do it all- not to brag or anything- Tap, Jazz, Hip hop, Ballroom, and Ballet. Presently I am in a preforming arts program where I do four to five different performances per season. I could probably start donating money or something, but then I would be giving the money to an organization and they would give it to the people who need it. I personally wouldn't feel then that I have truly helped someone, so for the moment, that idea is X-d out.

If I would stop thinking this negativity I would have the time to tell you how much I love dance (I love it a lot) and how long I've been doing it (14 years), but since I am negative practically all the time, I can't do that.

You see, I like to think of myself as a positive person. But like I said before, I am negative a lot more often. I don't know why I am. I mean I am surrounded by positive people 24/7. (Unless you count Jamie) Emily is just like my mom, always peppy and happy, and although I wouldn't exactly rank Moriah as "positive" or peppy, she's not overly a downer, and my dad just doesn't like to think about bad things unless it is really and truly bad. So, you get it- my family has a pretty good when it comes to being positive. If I think about it from the outside I probably appear happy and bright all the time. But on the inside all this I-am-loser-and-have-a-useless-talent stuff is going on in my head. I replay these thoughts until I am half insane. And guess what; it does in fact drive me insane.

When I finally declare myself as a lunatic, I just put on my dancing shoes and go to the studio- if you want to put it this way (and no, I'm not really a Kesha fan despite the whole reference here) dance is my drug (okay, well now that I put it that way it sounds really…bad). You see, some people do drugs, or they smoke, or they do something to make their problems disappear- but I'm not them, because for me, I do dance. And even if I'm not what I would call "gifted" at it, I think I do pretty darn well.