Attack of the Spherical Apples

(This is a comical spin off from my story titled, "The Girl Who Feared Apples". This was thought up when I was extremely bored in Geometry class after taking a really hard test. Read, review, enjoy! )

Amanda Newton hated taking math tests, and today was no exception. Mr. Furthenhower (aka: Furthie) was giving out another of his pain-in-the-rhumpus math tests, and as rumor would have it the teacher had used crude computer generated images of apples as spheres. It was bad enough that the classroom she was currently in looked and felt like a prison, and if the rumors were true she'd rather have been in Prison than a room filled with apples. Amanda was sweating bullets inside just thinking about all of the rumors about Furthie's apples going around.

"Today, class, we are going to take a test on 10-5 – 10-8 on Lateral Area, Surface Area, and Volume. I really hoped you studied this particular chapter for this test isn't easy or meant to baby you. No matter what no one here has any excuse not to take this test, and remember class absolutely no cheating what-so-ever! Now, without further ado you may begin," Furthie droned on and on and started to hand out dreaded math tests to all the groaning students. Amanda as usual was the last person to receive a math test, and to her absolute and utter horror images of apples stared back at her from the test as if to haunt her.

"Ahhhhh!NO! Apple Alert! Apple Alert! The Apples are gonna' eat me, the apple aliens are gonna' eat me! HELP! I refuse to take this murder of a test! Now, everyone RUN!"

All the students in the class turned to glare back at all the commotion after the freak named Amanda had interrupted them taking the test. Mr. Furthenhower stared back at the class, rubbing his shiny bald head, and yelled incoherently at Amanda.


Furthenhower screeched with all his might, and then he promptly dialed the principal to promptly discipline the girl who had interrupted his class.

Amanda kept her head down as she sauntered on over to 's room.

"Amanda Newton, please have a seat over there," huffed a chubby, greasy black haired man with thick sunglasses placed squarely on his face. Amanda followed 's finger over to a comfy chair, usually reserved for teachers, that was all the way across the room.

"Okay, sir. Look I'm sorry about the Apple incident, but you see sir when I was a baby aliens abducted me. And…and… they lived in a spaceship shaped like an apple…"

"Stop right there, missy. This crazy stuff has to stop, now! There are no such things as aliens, so get that through your thick head. I am sick of hearing calls from bus drivers telling me you freaked out just because some kid on the bus was eating an apple beside you, or lunch ladies complaining that they had to hold you down just because you started screaming bloody murder when they were serving apples, or all the times you freaked out about an Apple IPod or Apple Computer. I'm going to help you get the physiatrist help you need, or else I am doomed as a lowly Connors Clementine's High School principal forever," Mr. McDanny rambled on and on as he dialed Mr. and Mrs. Newton's home phone number.

Ring. Ring.

"I need to speak to a Mr. or Mrs. Newton pronto about yet another A-word incident," mumbled the school's principal.

"Oh. Not that again all the doctors we've taken her too say it'll fade away with time and it never has.

The principal and Amanda's parents continued on with the boring conversation as Mr. Furthenhower called for Amanda to come back into class. As she waltzed inside, she noticed that everyone was staring at her as if she had just turned into a Hippogriff or something.

"Class, I understand that Amanda has an insane fear of apples, but a fear of apples is NOT an excuse to not do your work. Therefore, Amanda, you have received an F, and are hereby kicked out of my class.

Infuriated, Amanda stomped out of the classroom, and sprinted out of the school. And you see, my dear reader, this is only one incident of the times Amanda has freaked out over an apple. This story here includes the reason why she fears the delicious (except for the apple known as Red Delicious-ick!) fruit called apples. Rumor also has it, my dear reader that coming up on May 14 is All about Apples day. Stay Tuned for further stories on, The Girl Who Feared Apples.

((Okay, this one kind of sucks, and it isn't as funny as my other stories. Anyways read, review, enjoy. On this one, flames saying this sucks are okay too. Also please note that neither me, nor, my friend has a fear of apples in fact we both enjoy them, except the little red bitter kind that is.))