Stop picking on her.
She hasn't done anything.
So why do you choose
to break her apart?
Through not by your fists,
but rather, the power of words.

Stop it.
Stop it all.

They say actions speak louder than words
But you haven't heard her speak
To herself
Because she has no-one

You took that away from her
The only shoulder to lean on
Because of you

But you still don't care

You don't want to
Listrn, or take the time to realise
That the colour of her skin
The language she speaks
And the scarf on her head
Don't matter

She is no different
Than you or me

She is human
She is real
And she is at
the brink of suicide

Because of you

But I will stop now
Because to you
None of that matters

You don't want to know
You don't want to care
You don't want to admit
The truth

But I did
I cared
I tried
And failed

She told me everything
How she is broken
How you took hold
of her heart
Ripped it out
Threw it on the floor
And stomped all over it
In front of her
Whilst laughing

She told me how
she would die
Having planned it all

And even though you won't care
I'll still tell you

She didn't want to die
For the reasons you think

She died yesterday
Not because she was the one broken

But because she wanted
to help you
You, the one hurting,
and breaking her
She wanted to help you

And I hope it works
Even though it won't

She died hoping
That when she is gone
you may change
so you'd have no-one to hurt

Even after all the terrible,
awful, horrendous
things you said
and did
to her

She died hoping
For you


And as her family
stand at her grave

They cry not
They scream not
They merely hope
that she is in heaven,
watching over them

And even though I
was not her friend
Or a family member
I stood by her family
Despite only knowing her for
two days only

I knew that you
wouldn't come
to see that on
her tombstone
she requested for them
to write for you:

"Died hoping and praying
for the benefit of the one
who slowly but surely
killed her"

I'll stop now
Knowing you wouldn't
care at all
Just like anyone today would

But I just wanted to
deliver her message

And let you know
That she died
Because of you
For you.