Red Ribbons- By King Lune

Ribbons on the Floor

Isn't it pretty!

My beautiful red ribbons!

I didn't like their pity;

So I thought I'd use a sharp lens;

Don't you love their streaming!

See now it covers the floor'

So much prettier now that you've stopped screaming;

Oh! How I love it, like the rain, when it pours!

Ribbons in the Air

Red ribbons streaming through the air;

The fun it's bounding up inside;

Oh! What a wonderful day at the fair!

Finally a day I don't have to hide.

The fake colorful mask of fate;

Here it has drowned, fallen;

Here the stars, moon, and sun stay up late;

Here is a place that has no kin.

Woo! Another poem up! I'm totally on a roll!~

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