Burn the Ice, and Make me love Regret- By King Lune

Who am I?

Filled with my dull long existence;

Lost on the ground unable to fly;

Following your beautiful bliss;

But I know I didn't use to be this way;

I used to be so cold;

Deep within my mind I'd lay;

Away from reality's painful sticky mold;

Buried deep within a maze city sculpted of ice;

There I would swiftly runaway;

From anything that might make pain enticed;

Only to be stopped by the beautiful things you'd say;

You'd caught me in its trap, unable to run or hide;

You made me something altered;

You made me another side;

You made the cold falter;

You made me burn alive;

You made me cry;

You made me strive;

Yes I accept, you made me regret this goodbye.

Because love is as beautiful as it is mean, I believed this deserved to be written.

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