His cold, dead eyes staring at me.

Nothing left inside, nothing to ignite the fire.

Just an empty shell of the man he was.

Strangers pass by, sparing not even a glance.

Oh, this cruel world: how it chills me to the bones.

My head on his chest, my hands on his stomach.

Staunching the flow of the blood.

It doesn't matter anymore. Why try when he is long gone.

But yet, I stay. Hoping for a way to breathe life into him.

But that isn't how things work.

With tears streaming down my cheeks,

I am dragged away.

Kicking, screaming, biting. I know this isn't what he wanted.

But I can't help it. I love him.

And now he is in Death's arms.

No longer mine to hold.

No longer mine.