A/N: Just a short..err..very short..drabble that came to me early one morning. First time writing something semi-romantic..hope it's OK :)

Softly they fell one by one into the the grassy hill, each carrying wishes of love, each carrying hope and disappointment. Carefree wind teases and tangles itself amongst the forest of black tresses, caressing them gently. Hopeful blue eyes looks out onto the falling sun, colours of red, orange and yellow highlighting each irises and the ground below. A silent sigh escapes her soft pink lips as she lays down the abused stem with its last rose petal dangling cautiously, hanging in the balance.

"He loves me..not," she murmurs softly as a gentle breeze blows across her, engulfing her in a gentle hug. As if on cue, she feels strong, calloused hands encircling her waist, a gentle reminder that she is not alone.

"Hey beautiful," he whispers, a smile evident in his tone.

"He-ey," she whispers back just as sweetly.

"Come on, they're all waiting for you," he reminds her, as he helps her up off of the soft grass. She nods her understanding and dusts off stray petals that landed on her red sundress. As they start to walk away, she looks back into the vast, magical view and smiles,

"I never did believe in those silly games."