A poem by Nathan

Dear Allison

My awesome girlfriend

Eyes as blue as the sky

And a smile as bright as the stars

I feel happy when we're together

Like at the park or even the bookstore

When I hold you're hand and you hold mine

I feel happiness deep inside

When you hug me, I hug you

When you smile, I do too

If you feel sad, I feel sad

So I always try to make you laugh

You may jab me for constant glaring

Or push me down for too much staring

But when you start smiling

I know that you're just joking

When it's time for us say goodbye

I let out a sad sigh

My heart begins to feel unhappy

But I know I'll see you the next day

We may only be seventeen

But that cannot stop me

From feeling how I feel about you

Because these feelings are very true

You may just be a mirage in my mind

But that won't stop me from changing mine

You'll always be real to me

'Cause I love you, Allie