silence is the only option,
the safe option,
the safe choice,
which you would never understand.

i see the way you look at me,
trying to be gentle yet reassuring,
but trust me when i say this,
i am no fool.

i do not believe you.
i never have and i never will.

you claim that you love me,
and that you would never let me go,
but i know the truth.
it's merely an illusion.

i not like everyone else.
i am not.
i will not fall into your trap
because i have never loved you.

i never will.
i cannot lie and i am telling that as a truth.
i will never love you,
not like the way you love me.

you claim to know me
but you don't.
because here's what will happen:

rumors will fly around,
and the gossip will spread around,
and i will cry.

this is the outcome:
(angry tears
left with smudged eyeliner,
and mascara tracks.)

now don't you see?
because i mean nothing to you.

i am just another girl,
and i am not sorry.

i am broken,
simple as that,
and i am not ready to be shattered,
not quite- i am almost there.

and if you love me,
and if you would never let me go,
just as you claimed,


that's all i ask.

and trust me, when i say it's better this way.