He'll always remember
The girl that he met
With the flag in her hand
He couldn't forget

He saw not her face
Or the flag that she bore
He saw only glass
The gun and the glory

Their cries of terror
Were lost on his ears
The sounding of shots
And the strange lack of fear

Then the dust died down
And the calm crept in
He stared at the sky
A new end to begin

As he walked on the scene
And stared at the ground
He heard not a noise
Not a single sound

Among the rivers of red
He saw shining clear
The flag that she'd held
The flag she held dear

And he held it there
So white in his hand
Standing out in the mess
That coated the sand

He thought he should cry
But the tears didn't come
The impulse to feel
Had at last left alone

He got off the plane
Amidst the shouts and the screams
But he heard nothing
Of the starry scene

He just stared at the ground
With nothing to say
For he was a shell
At the end of the day

He'll always remember
The woman he met
He'll always remember
How could he forget?