Chapter One- Alice

I was born in Waterford, Ireland on October 31, 1833 to Emily White and her lover, Wolfsbane. Two days after my birth, Wolfsbane disappeared. I grew up sheltered from the outside world for the first 10 years of my life. When I turned ten, I started to explore the wonders of my hometown.

The townspeople of Waterford were the kindest people I ever met. Like every town, Waterford had a few shady people. Thieves, prostitutes, and gamblers. All in all, Waterford was a fine place to live. The first time I went to the market, all the merchants stared at little me and smiled. Some of them would ask me who I was.

"I'm Alice. Alice Luan White." I'd always said. They would give me a bigger smile. Some of the merchants would give me a small gift and I would gladly take it and thank them for their generosity.

At the age of 15, I cut my own hair just below my chin. Everyone exclaimed about what I had done and fuss over it every time I was seen. On April 13, 1849, I ran into our governor's son. His name was Edric Flann Duggan. He appeared to be in his twenties. He was about 6 feet and 3 inches tall, a whole foot taller than I. Edric had the blackest hair I had ever seen and eyes as blue as the ocean.

"Whoa there miss!" he said after I ran into him and spilled the fruit I carried in my basket on the cobblestone street.

"I'm truly sorry, sir." I stammered. "I was trying to get home to my mother." He smiled and asked if he could help me collect the fruit on the street. I told him yes. He helped me gather every last bit of fruit. After he placed the last piece of fruit into my basket, he looked me in the face with his ocean blue eyes.

"I haven't seen you before. What's your name?" Edric asked.

"I'm Alice, sir. Alice Luan White."

"You're Emily White's daughter. I had heard you were as pretty as a night-blooming cereus from the town's merchants but your beauty exceeds what I've been told." he said. I blushed at the compliment.

"What's your name, sir?" I asked.

"Edric Flann Duggan. I'm the governor's son."

I gasped and he smiled. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Mother said that I must have captivated his heart because the next day he brought me a night-blooming cereus. He would bring me one every day. For months he courted me. Then, on December 18, 1949, Edric asked me to marry him in front of the whole town. Everyone stared at me. I had liked Edric well enough but I wasn't in love with him. But with everyone smiling and expecting me to say yes, what could I do? So I agreed.

I was to marry Edric the day after my 17th birthday. Time seemed to pass faster than usual. Before I knew it, It was October 31, 1850. My 17th birthday. The day that changed my life. The night my Fey blood took over.

"Sweetheart," my mother crooned. "If you don't return before nightfall, I fear something will happen to you."

"I'll be fine." I assured her. "I'm just going to the Suir River to enjoy myself."

"But I..." mother said.

"Goodbye." and I left with a basket in hand and money in my purse. Little did I know that I would regret not listening to what she had to say later. On the way to my favorite spot on the river, I stopped by the baker and fruit vendor to get some bread and apples for a snack.

The sun shined with the intensity of the late afternoon. I played in the water near the bank with some of the towns playing, I thought about how I would never be able to do this again after I married Edric. I got out of the water and went to lay under the shade of a tree. I drifted asleep and dreamed.

There was a strange boy no older than me. His blond hair gleamed in the light and his dark blue eyes pierced my soul. His clothes were strange. He had a device of sorts in his hand. His lips moved, forming soundless words. He was trying to tell me something but I only caught one word: DEATH.

I awoke with a start. It was a strange dream. The boy I saw was familiar somehow. I pushed the dream aside and looked at the sky. The sun was setting. I got up and grabbed my things and started walking home.

There was an alley way that I always past on my way home. That's where it happened. Night fell on the city. The moon was out, casting it silvery light on the street. I was in the shadows. Safe. But not for long because I would soon be in the light of the moon. A few feet from the alley, I stepped into the moonlight.

Pain. Agonizing pain. It tore through me like fire. A sharp pain in my teeth erupted. I dropped to the ground and curled into a ball. When I felt as if I was going to die, it stopped. I got up. I felt weird. My hair felt heavier. I looked into a puddle in the cobblestone street.

My fiery red hair had turned as white as freshly fallen snow and fell past my hips. My canines had grown into sharp, long fangs. My beautiful olive-green eyes were red as blood flowing from a fresh wound. Blood. The word had made me thirsty. Maybe it made me notice the thirst. I was weak. I walked a little farther and stumbled. I fell in front of the alley way.

"Hey you! Go home to your mother!" a voice said. It was a woman. She was probably a prostitute who worked the town. I looked up at her. She was staring at me with wide dark eyes. I got my self up with difficulty. The woman gasped.

"An angel." she whispered, wonder and awe colored her voice. "You're an actual angel, aren't you?"

My body moved of its own accord. I ran to the nameless woman and grabbed her. All the while, she stood motionless, as if she was frozen. Then I bit her neck with my long fangs. Blood welled in my mouth and I drank the sweet liquid. She went limp in my small arms. Finally, the blood supply of that woman went dry. I felt only somewhat better but not completely.

Panic took over. What had I done? I drank someone's blood, killing her and like the taste of the blood. I was a monster. I ran home and burst through the door.

"Mother!" I cried, dropping to my knees.

"Alice?" she asked as she came from the kitchen. She looked at me and stifled a gasp. She ran to the door and shut it. She knelt down beside me and put a hand on my head.

"Sweetheart, you didn't make it back before dark." she whispered.

I looked up, my eyes full of tears. She looked guilty, as if what happened was her fault.

"Mother, do you know what is happening to me? Am I becoming a monster?" I wailed, my voice choking on the last word.

"I tried to tell you, sweetheart. You wouldn't listen. Your father..." her voice trailed off into silence.

"What about him?" I cried.

"Your father is a Fayen." she whispered.

"A what?" I whimpered.

"A Fayen. One of the Fayene. The Fayene are immortal beings. They have had children with humans before. You are born of such a union. The Fayene Halflings have a choice to embrace their Fayen heritage and let it become dominant by stepping into the moonlight on their birthday or completely reject it and live life as a mortal." she explain.

"Why haven't you told me this? And why do I crave blood? I drained a woman when I changed!"

"I tried to let you live a normal life but you got caught in moonlight. Nothing can reverse this. As for the cravings, the Fayen are the oldest creatures in existence. The Fayene need blood every once in a while. Your eyes are still red. You need more blood." she said. Then she held out her arm near my mouth. "Drink."

I hesitated. I didn't want to drink from the woman who gave me life.

"Drink." my mother said sternly. I couldn't refuse. My body didn't let me. I bite down and drank. It felt like only a second before she fell to the floor, dying.

"Mother!" I cried. She looked up at me and smile.

"I am willing to die for you, sweetheart. Here." she said, using the last of her strength to rip her necklace off. "It was a gift from your father. He is still alive. Take it and find him. Tell him that I loved you both until my last breath."

"No! Don't die! Don't leave me!" I screamed.

"Go. Leave this town. There is nothing for you here anymore. Beware the Van Helsings." she whispered and then she died.

I wailed at the lost of her, knowing it was I that caused her demise. I hastily fastened the necklace around my own neck. On the delicate silver chain, there was a crescent moon the color of night. Then I left my mother's body and the town I loved in the cover of the night, tears staining my face.