i will never understand,

why we can't live as one.

why is racism so deep,

so threatening,

so pertinent?

i don't know,

why we can't live in peace.

what does it matter what color i look like?

doesn't it matter what i feel like?

i might look white,

but on the inside i'm colorful–

full of many things–

much more than race,

much more than what you can define.

yes, i may look like i'm the "superior" race,

but doesn't it seem like we're all equal?

maybe i'm the only one that can see our true colors.

when we look inside,

we should see our character,

not our color,

equality and justice for all,

but i fear i'll never see the day.

when can we stand hand and hand,

and say "i love you" without any prejudices?

when can we open our arms,

without judgement?

when did we learn how to be such hypocrites,

instead of just accepting everyone.

am i the only crazy one?

or am i the only right one?

i wish someone would tell me why all this confusion exists,

why isn't acceptance a rule?

where do i fit in?

double consciousness is making me believe that i can't simply be one,

one whole person,

perception is mistaken,

i need to step – carfully,

to avoid the hatred and the racism,

even a girl like me can get hurt,

does get hurt,

and will continue to get hurt in a world like this.

i want to change the world's aspects,


how can one person do so much?

become a teacher.

i'm hawai'ian, chinese, white, native american…

but what does that really mean?