honey what happned?
thats all they ask to know.
you can trust us you know...
but i Can't.

how can i tell them what happned?
how can i reveil my own downfall?
how can i lay bare my heart to thoes i avoid?
how do they expect me to trust thoes i dont?

can i tell them about how things where?
how much he told me he loved me?
that we had some crazy future so far away?
no i can't. my shame wont allow.

can i shair my pain i hold close to my chest?
deep in the nest of tangled and weriy tears
can i cry in my mothers arms?
no i can't, my trust dosnt run deep enough.

can i explain thoes feelings and lies i had?
the ones that were given to me,
one choaking mouthful at time?
no i can't, my sorrows wont allow.

can i tell them how i broke out nights
to try to save our dieing light?
they think i should
but i can't, my fear wont allow

can i tell them how i begged and pleaded
with the Demon
to let me another chance to shine?
no i can't, my pride wont allow

can i ask them how to live now
with out another half to my black hole
they think i should
but i can't.

i bear my own saddness alone.
agenst the world alone
i could trust them,
but i can't.