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Chapter 1

The hot rays of Montana's summer sun beat down upon her as she leaned against the white wooden post that made up the square area of fence. Though it was slightly humid, Evie-Anne still wore her blue jeans, but topped it off with a tummy showing, white vest top. She was watching one of the ranch hands trying to break a tan, wild bronco, and definitely not succeeding. The man was getting bucked every which way and it didn't look like he was getting anywhere. It looked like his grip was slipping.

Evie-Anne sighed, hopped up on the fence, swinging her legs over the top, and sat there. She cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled out. "Hey, maybe I'll have better luck."

She saw him smirk as he jumped off the bronco, booked it to the fence, and jumped over it. He walked towards her, breathing hard, shaky, his brown curly hair matted to his forehead, and sweat dripping down his face and staining his blue-collared shirt.

He flung his hand in the direction of the horse. "Well, have at it girlie."

Evie-Anne huffed and jumped down from the fence. She slowly walked closer to the horse with her head bowed. She looked up through her eyelashes, making eye contact with the horse.

The horse watched her closely as she approached him. She held out a hand, hesitantly petted the side off the horses head, and slowly ran her hand to its side and up to grip the saddle's handle. She put a foot in the foot holder and swung her other leg over, careful to not startle the horse. She took the rein in her hand, wrapped it around, and replaced that hand with the other. Evie-Anne bent over and rubbed and patted the horses neck, whispering. "Good boy."

She lightly kicked its side and it began to walk.

The ranch hands mouth fell open in shock. "Well, I'll be damned."

"It's the heart of a woman that calms the beast." Evie-Anne's father appeared, watching his daughter with nothing, but his pride shining within his dark blue eyes. She was the only thing he had left besides his farm and she was more like her mother with every day that past.

Pain crossed his eyes as he clutched at his heart. His legs gave out from under him.

The ranch hand caught him and looked panicked. "Mr. Grady? Mr. Grady! Evie-Anne!"

Evie-Anne's head whipped around to where her name was called. She saw her father down and didn't think twice, just reacted. She jumped down of the horse, hopped over the fence, and ran over to her father.

"Daddy?" She said panicked a stray tear falling from her eye . She placed a hand on his cheek, her eyes looking for some sign at what was wrong.

Without looking away from her father, she spoke to the ranch hand. "Help me lift him up and over to the truck." They lifted him and got into the 1995 blue Ford Pick-up truck nearby. Evie-Anne quickly buckled her father's seat belt and then her own. She twisted the key into the ignition, put it in drive, pressed the gas to the floorboard and sped towards the hospital, hoping that they would make it in time.

Evie-Anne sat in a chair next to her father's hospital bed. Her eyes red and puffy from, what seemed like hours of crying.

Once they had made it to the hospital, he was quickly taken from her arms, put on a stretcher, and rushed into a room. It all had happened so fast, she didn't have time to think, just do.

Now all she had was time and nothing to keep her mind off almost losing her father. She sat there numbly, staring at her father. Tubes and wires were placed on different parts of his body, tubes and wires that reminded her that he was so close to leaving her alone in this world. All she could hear was the dripping of liquid in the bag held above her father, the deep breathing of her father fast asleep, and the annoying beeping sound coming from the heart monitor.

A nurse walked in carrying a clipboard, wearing the normal clothing for a nurse.

"Ms. Grady, I'm sorry to inform you that due to your father's heart attack a blood clot has formed. We could do surgery to get rid of it, but we do not have the necessary blood type for somebody with AB negative blood type available to use, unless you are willing?"

Evie-Anne looked away from her father, feeling the need to cry, but she was all dried up from earlier.

She looked up at the nurse. "I'll do it."

"Do you happen to know your blood type?" Evie-Anne shook her head no.

The nurse nodded her head. "That okay dear. Do you have any sexually transmitted disease or illness that we should be aware of?"

She immediately replied no.

"Is there any chance that you could be pregnant?"

She hesitated and then shook her head. "No."

"We will be doing a quick test of your blood to find out what you blood type is and to make sure there's nothing wrong."


The nurse took some tubes out of a drawer and a needle. "Hold out your arm dear."

She held out her arm, palm faced up. She looked away and squeezed her eyes shut as the needle was stuck into the vein in her arm and blood flowing into the three tubes.

When finished the nurse put gauze over where the needle was stuck in her arm, and wrapped bandage tape around it.

"Alright dear, I'm just going to take these to the lab and I will be back with the results." The nurse left the room to do just that.

The nurse walked in an hour later. "Ms. we ran the blood test and it turns out that you are pregnant."

Evie-Anne stared blankly, face pale with shock. Pregnant. She was pregnant.

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