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Chapter 2

Two months and one week ago...

"Come on Evie-Anne you have to go." Dixie whined and begged.

Evie-Anne sighed and ran her fingers through her knotted hair. "No Dixie. You know the tournaments are tomorrow."

"And we all know you going to win every one you enter." Dixie rolled her eyes at her best friend. They go through this every year around this time of May. She smiled showing her pearly whites and batted her eye lashes. "There's going to be a hot singer tonight and I need my wing-man to help me score."

Sighing Evie-Anne made her way to her bathroom, knowing that her friend had won and needed to clean herself up from a long day of farm work. "Fine, but I'm not drinking. I'm just going to play pool and cards to hustle the guys out of their money."

"That's my girl! I'll see you outside of the Two Bit Saloon in two hours."

Finally left alone, Evie-Anne got herself ready. She was upset with herself for, once again, giving in to her red headed, freckle faced, hyper, three times country miss runner up, friend. She couldn't complain though, her friend kept life interesting, and they have been friends since they were four running around her daddy's farm in nothing but their pull-ups and their daddy's cowboy boots.

She laughed, her father always liked bringing out those pictures every holiday, concert, every sports game she ever played, and anytime she won something or got an award. Sure it was embarrassing, but she was happy she had a parent that loved her as much as he did, filling the role of both mother and father.

Evie-Anne pulled up to the saloon two hours later and instantly spotted her friend. Dixie was wearing her cowboy boots, short shorts, and her red hair in curly pig-tails, her cowboy hat to top it off, and what looked like a purple bandanna, for a shirt. Knowing her friend, it was defiantly a bandanna.

She looked down at her own clothes, feeling just as slutty as her friend looked. She had on a short jean skirt, a red plaid short-sleeve shirt tide up just under her C cup breast, her brown cowboy boots, her brown hair was wavy just brushing her breast, and her light tan cowboy hat. Her friends were always telling her to show of her curves and long legs. So she thought 'why not'.

Dixie's voice calling her name reminded her where she was at. A saloon full of, if not already, soon to be drunken men.

"Come on Evie, the hottie is finishing up his last song." Dixie looped their arms together as soon as Evie got out of her old, beat up, blue, ford truck.

The music was blazing when they opened the door and walked in. They made their way through the crowed and up front, standing just in front of the stage.

And we see what's wrong

And we know what's right

And ol' Hank, he said it all

When he sang "Country Folks Can Survive"

She felt like she was in a daze, just watching him up there singing, making her melt by the sound of his voice. The banner above him said his name was Dallas Preston. And that's a name she will never forget.

Dixie pulled her into a dance, trying to put on a show, like always.

In every state, there's a station

Playin' Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon

In foreign cars and four-wheel drives

There's cowboys and hillbillies

From farm towns to big cities

There ain't no doubt in my mind

Country must be country wide

Dallas was burning up from the heat and the lights beaming down on him. He unbuttoned his shirt as he began to sing the last part of his song.

"I told you the singer was hot!" Dixie yelled in Evie-Anne's ear.

In every state, there's a station

Playin' Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon

In foreign cars and four-wheel drives

There's cowboys and hillbillies

From farm towns to big cities

There ain't no doubt in my mind

There ain't no doubt in my mind

Country must be country wide

"Thank you folk of Gardiner, Montana for listening and letting me sing her tonight for you guys." Dallas smiled and jumped off the stage.

Dixie squalled and tried to pull Evie-Anne with her. "Let's go say high!"

Evie-Anne shook her head and jabbed her thumb in the direction of the pool table. "Nah, you go ahead I'm going to go play me some pool."

Dixie shrugged and skipped her way over to Dallas. Evie grabbed a pool stick and leaned against it. "Alright boys, who wants to play some pool? Whoever wins gets one hundred dollars from the loser." She looked at the group of men standing around the table, waiting for an answer, and no one saying anything. "Nobody?"

"I'll do it." She looked around to see who had agreed. Dallas pushed himself through the crowed and brushed Dixie's hands off of his arms causing her to pout.

Evie-Anne smiled. "All right, I break!"

Dallas grabbed a pool stick and shrugged. "Okay."

As soon as he said that groans were heard throughout the saloon and some saying, 'He's a goner.'

"That will be one hundred dollars, Mr. Preston." Evie-Anne had her hand held out and grinning like a tom cat.

Dallas cursed. He didn't even get a chance to hit one ball. "What do you say to me taken' you to lunch tomorrow?"

She put a finger to her chin and looked up to the ceiling, thinking. She looked back at him and shrugged. "Well, the Gardiner's Annual NRA Rodeo is tomorrow and they are having a parade at two. Maybe you could buy me somethin' to eat there. How does that sound?"

Dallas smiled. "Sounds great!"

Evie-Anne laughed. "Okay." 'He didn't even ask her what her name was.'

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