Chapter One

The plane

The plane had just departed the Seattle airport and was on its way to Tokyo. There were approximately one hundred people on board not counting the fight attendants or the pilots. Half were male and the other half was female. Every last person, again not counting the flight attendants or pilots, was between the ages of fifteen eighteen. They had all been chosen by agents who were talent seeking around the local schools. Each one of the hundred had a unique talent and had no problem with showing it off.

Before they had been selected, the biggest gig anyone had gotten was a five minute slot in their school talent show. The agents of talent had been searching small towns for bottled up talent when they found these hundred spread across the United States.

When the agents mentioned an all expense paid trip to Tokyo to participate in a Global talent show, they had all jumped at the chance to leave their small town to see the world. Most of them had been planning to leave in the next few years anyway.

Another reason the agents had chosen these teens was because not a single one of them was a coward. The government had been working on a new type of plane design. The new design's function was simple. If the plane were about to crash on water, a giant raft would pop out of the bottom. It would then analyze the wave patterns around it, and use this to locate the nearest island. The raft would then sprout motors and head directly for that island. The government had obviously tested this but they wanted to use this marketing opportunity transport the potential winner of the Global talent show.

Everyone on the plane knew that they were all competitors and if it came down to it, they would take out each other but they also knew that until it came down to that, they would help each other eliminate the other countries. Since fifty boys were on a plane for about twelve hours with fifty girls, obviously there was going to be flirting, screaming and fighting.

One of the eldest boys, Shawn, turned to his neighbour, a small Russian girl, Sophia, and attempted to engage her in conversation. She just ignored him the whole time. He eventually got bored enough to stop.

Shawn was eighteen, about six feet tall with fair blond hair and a charming smile. Most of the girls back home would steal his clothes while he was showering after gym class in the hopes that he would walk out naked or at least in a towel. Thanks to his friends, who understood but greatly envied him, he always had a spare set of clothes.

Sophia was sixteen, about four and a half feet tall with blank brown eyes, shoulder length black hair and a cute little button nose. Most of the boys at her school tended to ignore her and go for the girls with the longer legs, which was perfectly fine with her.

After Shawn turned away, Sophia allowed the blood to flow to her cheeks. She liked this boy who had actually spoken to her and not just looked through her like the air she breathed. She just didn't want to inflate his ego to the point where he though she wanted him sexually.

Shawn's mind was in the same area as Sophia's. He was wondering why this cute Russian girl had not immediately tried to sneak him into the washroom. Usually girls just skipped the privacy part and just tried to get him on the ground as quickly as possible. Most girls who were on the plane had already tried.

The Pilot's voice came over the loud speaker which was accompanied by the 'fasten seatbelts' sign flashing "This is your pilot speaking! We are going down! One of our engines is dead! I'm attempting an emergency landing! Hold on tight!"

There were a few screams as everyone scrambled to fasten their seatbelts and strap on their oxygen masks. The flight attendants, who had been making their rounds, jumped into any available seats and did the same as the passengers. The plane was taking a steep dive. About fifty yards from the water, the raft had deployed. It had just fully inflated when they hit the water. Everyone was thrown forward and a few seatbelts snapped, causing their wearer's to be hit their heads on the seats in front of them.

The plane was already analyzing the waves for information. It detected an island about ten miles to the east. It sped towards it while the co-pilot stumbled out of the cockpit to check on everyone. "Is everyone okay?" he asked loudly. There was a general muttering of "Yeah" and "I'm good".

One of the braver boys, Jimmy, a boy of seventeen, long braided dreads, and striking physique walked up to the co-pilot and asked "Do you know what caused the engine to die?"

The co-pilot just looked at him sadly and said "I wish I knew, but we'll have to check it out when we get there."

Jimmy nodded and walked back to his seat.

"I have some bad news, everyone," the co-pilot continued. When the Plane hit the water, the Pilot was thrown out the front of the plane and killed. By now, he's probably behind us by three miles and below us by ten. Even worse is that he was the only one who knows how to activate our homing beacon. Without it, we could be stuck on the island we're heading for for a long time."

Everyone sat still as a rock as they heard this news. They were all quite intelligent. They knew what could potentially happen to them depending on the island and its properties and contents.

One thing was for sure, they weren't getting to the Global talent show anytime soon.

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