Once again, a disclaimer and some warnings: Some things Bostonians will recognize from their wonderful city, but everything else came from my imagination. This is a story about two guys falling in love, with some violence, bad language, and sexual situations.

I'm trying to do a sort of alternating point of view per chapter thing, so let me know how you think it works!

Jason Liam O'Brien

Like most Fridays, some friends and I headed to the Plough & Stars for some food and drink after a long and sucky week. Our group had a fairly simple routine – we'd all be done with work by 6:30 or 7:00 and we'd meet at the Plough by 10:00 for a couple hours of down time and then call it quits early at like 1:00, and be ready for a fast and furious Saturday night of clubbing.

I picked my older sister Cam up on our way to the pub, to meet with the mixed group of our friends and cousins. She was tall, equal in height with a lot of guys, even taller than most of them when she wore heels. We had similar light brown hair, though hers had more honey highlights, and she wore it long and straightened it to death every morning. She had the same light blue eyes as my dad, though hers were infinitely softer than his.

Cam and I were surprisingly close for being such different people. She was a nurse: she had known exactly what she wanted to be since she got her first Nurse Barbie doll, and loved her job working with the old wrinklies. I on the other hand never really had any direction. I graduated from UMass Amherst with a double major in PoliSci and Legal Studies, but I had graduated three years ago and still wasn't in a law school, to my mother's disappointment, and honestly had little motivation to even apply or even think about it. Yeah, my dad was a practicing lawyer, but I knew what his real job was and what my job was.

We were Irish. My dad grew up in Cork and moved the US when he was 22, and my mom was the daughter of two Irish immigrants, though she grew up in Philly. I was proud of my heritage, but more importantly, I was proud of my family. We were a mob family, who protected our own, and if that required some circumventing of the law, so what? My dad started the family from nothing, and through hard work brought our name – the O'Briens – to the forefront of power and influence.

Cam escaped a fate of being drawn further into the family because she was the only girl of the family, but my two older brothers and I knew from a very young age what was expected of us. By virtue of being the youngest, my parents had let me skate by so far: I helped at my dad's firm during most of the week, and worked with my uncles and cousins with some enforcing on the weekends. My oldest brother, Aaron, had already been groomed as my dad's heir and future head of the clan, and my other older brother, Shane, already had his law degree and was prepared to take over dad's firm. I just floated between the two sections of the mob, the legal and the not so legal, depending on the week or the need or my interest. I was the youngest and the baby, and definitely got away with a lot. I was mom's favorite but somewhat superfluous to my dad, so there was a balance of sorts.

While I was my mom's favorite, and I was certainly a mama's boy, Cam was my closest family member. We were a year apart in age, and I was six years younger than Aaron, three younger than Shane, so while Aaron and Shane had stuck together, Cam and I stayed very close. I was out as bi to my entire family, and while they didn't really understand it, for a traditional Irish Catholic family they took the news pretty well. But Cam was the only one who knew I leaned towards guys. I played up my interest in girls for mostly my mom's sake, who wanted to see everyone married and giving her grandchildren as soon as possible.

Cam and I were the first at the Plough, though Cam's boyfriend, policeman and member of the O'Brien family, Kyle Murphy, came in rather soon after.

"Hey man," Kyle finally acknowledged me, and we fist bumped, once he and my sister stopped sucking face. He was a handsome guy. Not exactly my type, but he was definitely jacked from all his police work and lifting with me a few times a week. He had a charming smile and dimples, and while I gave him a hard time for dating Cam, he was one of the only guys I knew that was even close to being deserving of her. Cam was tall, like our entire family, but Kyle made her seem small when they stood together.

"Since we're here early I think Cam and I are going to take a quick walk around the block wait we wait for everyone else. You all set at the bar?" He subtly brushed his legally sanctioned gun on his hip holster, but I knew that wasn't the only he was carrying.

"I'll be fine." I could feel my gun at the small of my back and was also carrying knives, and could defend myself with my fists if I needed. "You keep her safe, yeah?" They loved each other, and Kyle would give his life for hers. Literally. He started as part of Cam's protection team, and while he wasn't officially apart of it anymore, he would still and was expected to, fight, kill, and die for her.

"I can keep myself safe, thank you very much!" Cam complained as Kyle dragged her out of the pub. She could defend herself in most situations, but she didn't carry a gun regularly, and you never know what's going to happen. Our clan tried to avoid women and children not directly involved in family business, people like Cam and my mom, but other groups didn't necessarily follow the same rules.

I headed over to the bar and slide into a stool next to a pale skinny kid. He hardly looked old enough to be out this late, never mind sitting at a bar and getting shitfaced, and assuming by the number of glasses in front of him, that was his goal for the evening. I couldn't see his face through his long chocolate brown hair. He seemed kind of pathetic, from the tips of his faded and jagged black converse, to the top of his bent head.

"You here alone kid?" I was a personable guy, and generally well liked. If I was going to sit at a bar and wait for Cam and Kyle to head back in after hooking up like it was their first time seeing each other in months, even though I knew he snuck out of her window at 4:30 this morning, I was going to find someone to keep me occupied. The bartender immediately handed me my Sam Adams and headed off to help someone else, while I waited for the kid to answer me.

"Didn't answer my question kid." I teased gently. I wanted to see that face again.

"I'm not a kid!" There it was. He was glorious like this, eyes flashing, and the tendons on his hands becoming viable through paper thin skin as he clenched and unclenched his fists.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you." I made a peace offering. While it was fun to rile him up, I couldn't get in his pants if he refused to talk to me. "I'm Jason, are you here by yourself, or are you waiting for someone too?"

"Why does it matter to you?" the boy snarled. I liked my boys cute and feisty, and he fit both requirements, but I wasn't going to fight that hard to get him. Yeah he was gorgeous, but he seemed fragile enough to snap in half if I ever tried to really fuck him.

"Never mind then." I said easily, returning my attention to the drink in my hands and watching door for Cam and Kyle, or the rest of the crew.

"It's my birthday," a small voice said from beside me a few minutes later. I turned back around to the boy, who kept his face down as he spoke.

"Happy birthday then?" I offered, not exactly sure where this was going.

"Thanks," he practically whispered. "Sorry for being a douche. I'm here by myself and just wanted to get drunk in peace."

"Well you aren't exactly in the right place." I said lightly, "The Plough is a friendly sort of place, and I'm a friendly sort of person. I'm Jason, as I said, what's your name?"

"Ashton," he replied, finally making eye contact so we could shake hands. Once again, I was struck by his beauty. He had pouty alluring lips that practically cried out for me to kiss them, and do some other things to them and with them.

"Well, Ashton, the Plough's not the place people usually go to drink alone. Why didn't you head to a quieter place?" As I spoke, I could hear the faint music in the background of all the conversations and general rowdiness of the place.

"This is my first time at a bar like this, and I live kind of near by, and this sounded way quieter than other places some of the guys in the lab talk about, but loud enough I thought I could just sit in a corner, so it seemed like a good idea at the time."

"You've never used a fake?" I was shocked. Maybe Ashton wasn't one for me to fuck. He seemed like a bit of a priggish and too straight laced for me. I had been sneaking into bars since the start of high school, and had my first drink when I was thirteen from my dad. And underage drinking was by far not the worst thing I had ever done in my 24 years of life. "Have you even drank before?"

Ashton rolled his eyes at me. "Yes, I've drank before. Just not at a place like this."

"Just checking." Ashton rolled his eyes again. His facial expressions were drawing me in. His face was so open and expressive. Maybe because he was so drunk, but he (now that he was over his bout of aggression) seemed so honest and fresh. He was a relief from the tension and pretenses usually present in my life.

"Why are you here alone?" I asked, trying not to look at him directly, but watching out of the corner of my eye. It was a loaded, pointed question. His face first scrunched up and tensed, like he was angry again and not going to answer, but then relaxed with a self-deprecating smile.

"I wasn't exactly planning on heading out tonight, but then decided it was my birthday, so, so what. And now here I am. Alone, except for you." Obviously not the full story, but we didn't really know each other, so despite the voice in my head that wanted to push for more and comfort him when it all spilled over, I let it go.

"Cheers to new friends then!" I said with a smile.

He seemed dazed, as he smiled slowly and returned my cheers.


I checked back towards the door and saw Cam and Kyle huddled at the door waiting impatiently. "Hey Ashton, my sister and friends are here, do you want to go join them?"

"Thanks, but no thanks. I think I'm just going to head home now." He looked surprised I had asked, but resigned. We got up together and headed towards the door. He wasn't that much shorter than me, maybe a few inches, but he was so slender he just seemed to take up way less space than I did.

"Here, give me your phone." I said, as I made sure to take out and hand him my casual phone, not my untraceable work one. He gave me a black pristine iPhone to which I added my number, while he fumbled over the keys of my indestructible brick of a flip phone. "I'll call you or text you, maybe tomorrow? It was nice to meet you, and I'd love to hang out or something." I said, again with my most winning smile.

"I'd like that." He said with a blush. That had to have been my favorite look of the night, pink spreading over cheekbones I loved, and I couldn't resist as I bent down to brush my lips over his right cheekbone. He froze and flushed darker, but didn't resist or say anything, besides squeak good night and hurry out the door with surprising coordination for someone who had had as much alcohol as he did. I watched his ass on the way out, and took a second to think the fun I could have with such a perfect ass.

Cam made a face at me, and I knew we'd be talking about Ashton later. I didn't think Kyle had noticed Ashton and my exchange, but he certainly noticed Cam and my silent conversation. Cam steered him away, telling me that they had seen our cousins Darren, Emma, and Doyle outside looking for a parking space, and would be inside soon. We were still waiting for some of my and Kyle's buddies, but we headed to grab a table and wait for everyone else.

It was an average night of conversation and posturing. I wasn't completely my usual self, but I said enough, laughed at the right points, and paid for all the drinks, so no one questioned me, besides Cam with her eyes across the table. I ignored her, and practically everyone at the table, as I couldn't get Ashton's bright hazel eyes and warm creamy skin out of my head.

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