Seven billion people in this world,

and every one of them in pain,

Seven billion people suffer all alone,

Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I know you're sitting there,

All alone now in your chair,

Lying on your bed,

Listening to songs,

Thinking about a thousand wrongs,

That they've done to you.

You were born into this world, all alone,

And that's how you'll die, baby.

You were born without the wings to fly, all alone,

Up through the sky, baby.

Nobody knows the pain that's in your heart,

You want to heal, but how do you start,

When you are left here all alone?

You're screaming out, but they don't hear,

All alone, you start to fear,

That you're wrong.

Is it just you, baby?

Well, baby… No, you're not alone.

Don't you know?

We're all just like you, baby.

We were all born without the wings to fly,

All alone, into this world, baby.

And if we don't learn, then baby - you know - we'll die,

All alone like you, baby.

And when you scream, someone's screaming too,

There's someone out there just like you,

Every time, you think that you are left all alone,

There's someone all alone too.

And baby, when you can't find the words,

Somewhere out there beneath the birds,

Somebody else can't speak just like you.

You're not crazy, you're just all alone,

So walk out that door and pick up the phone,

Keep searching and, baby, you'll find me,

Because I'm right there looking for you,

And I'm all alone too.