Can you see me?

The real me

Not the fa├žade I put up for everyone to see

The fake soul I am who claims to be something I am not.

Can you see me?

The shadow that I am

Do you know the parts of me I keep hidden from the world?

Do you know I am never what I truly seem to be?

Can you see me?

The Pagan dancing in the midnight breeze

The Vampire sucking on blood

The Therian hiding her other side from the ignorant world

Can you see the true me deep inside?

I bet you ignorant ones cannot see the real me,

You never have and never will

How can you when you deem anything different to be solely evil

When you call me the devils daughter

Why can't you see the real me?

The Pagan hiding in the corner

The Bi hidden in the crowds

The Therian hiding amongst all the normal humans.

Why can't you see me?

Or the ones like me, the hidden folks of Mother Earth.

I know why because you are ignorant

And to you ignorance is bliss