The three of them had been running for days, and she was exhausted. She wanted to stop, wanted to give up. Nearly everyone she had ever known was dead. The only people she knew in the world now were her little sister, and the man she was once set to marry. He was the one that had saved her from both the fire, and the ones hunting them.

"We can take a break here. It should be safe enough for a while," the man stated as he let the younger sister slip off his back.

Enya sunk to the ground gratefully.

Bevin took one look at her tired sister, "I'll get some water from the stream." The girl stated, and then vanished.

Ivor settled his tall frame next to Enya, and rested his hand on hers in what was to be a comforting way.

Enya couldn't help but wonder how it had gotten like this as she looked up at the sky. One day she was happy and living with her family. The people seemed to be happy under their rule, and their land was prosperous. Enya was looking forward to marrying Ivor, and being queen one day. Her life had been so perfect.

Then she was woken in the night by Ivor. She could smell the smoke, and hear the screams. He had pulled her from her bed, and she had managed to get Bevin before the smoke got too bad. Then the three of them were dashing for safety.

When the fire was finally out Enya realized how bad the extent of it was. Most of their home was gone. Her mother and father were in really bad shape, and hadn't woken up since they were pulled from their chambers. Many of the servants were dead or injured. So few had made it out alive, and fewer were unscathed.

Like the true queen she was meant to be Enya took charge, and began directing her soon-to-be people. She made sure that the stables, the only place still standing, was cleaned and cleared. Once she deemed it ready the injured were moved in so they had shelter.

As soon as that was finished she set everyone able to help build a temporary place for the healthy. No able hand was idle including her in that endeavor.

Her joy at finishing, and getting people directed to sort through the still smoldering rubble was quashed when word reached her that her mother and father had died.

Enya's world crumbled as did her emotional control. Ivor was there for her just as he had been through everything else.

Before she could even properly morn or see them set to rest the people came. They had tried to kill Bevin and her, but Ivor had saved them once more. Together the three of them fled.

Bitter tears welled up in Enya's eyes. Ivor squeezed her hand reassuringly. Enya let her gaze shift to him.

"Thinking of them?" he asked softly.

Enya nodded, "It's just so hard to believe. How could it all go so wrong so quick?"

Ivor gathered the woman up in his arms. "We'll make sure whoever's responsible pays for this."

There was a hard edge in Ivor's voice that caused Enya to glance up. She was quick enough to see the slight smile that touched his lips and the gleam in his eyes. Her mind puzzled over it. Then the pieces began to click into place.

He woke her as the alarm was being raised that there was a fire, that meant he had to be up before the fire. He had showed up at her side just as she got the news that her parents had passed, but hadn't come with the ones that told her. He had to know as they did or before. He was also just in time to save her from the group of men that tried to kill her. He fought them off with ease, and then took her and fled.

Enya pushed away from Ivor, and landed on the ground.

"Enya, love?"

Her eyes to meet his, and behind that concern she saw the falseness of it, and the lies. "What did you do?" she asked without thinking.

Ivor's eyes took on a cold look as he studied her upturned face. "I've only saved you love."

Enya shook her head not breaking eye contact. "You did everything didn't you? You set the fire, killed my parents, had those men attack me."

A frown formed on Ivor's face, "They were supposed to kill Bevin, not you."

Tears began to fall again, and before she knew what she was going she had launched herself at Ivor. She snatched his dagger from his belt, and they rolled. She came up on top with the dagger to his heart.

Enya wanted to plunge it in. She wanted to kill him desperately. But she couldn't. She couldn't kill him. He was the only one left with any royal blood besides her to carry on the line. He was all she had left other than Bevin.

Ivor caught her wrist as the dagger still hovered over her chest. "Can't kill me can you love? That's good; that's good." He pulled the dagger from her hand easily. "You know everything now. I only wanted to make you happy."

Enya tried to pull away from him, but he held her tight. "How is this happiness?" she demanded.

Ivor kissed her forehead softly as she wept against him. "You are queen, and you have me. No other will get in our way or come between us. I will give you everything, and we can start fresh." His voice was soft and comforting.

"I never wanted that! I wanted my life as it was and my family!"

"But that's gone now," he replied his voice once more distant and cold. "So I am all you have left."

"And Bevin," she corrected automatically.

Her head jerked up as she realized that Bevin had been gone far too long. She struggled to get free from Ivor, but she couldn't; he was too strong.

"Calm down love, she is fine for right now. I will keep her alive since I know how much she means to you," Ivor's voice was once more soothing in tone.

Enya slumped against the man that held her in defeat. "I guess we return now, and start that new life."

She felt Ivor smile into her hair, "Yes love."

It was a long moment before Enya nodded. She hated and loved this man, but either way he was all she had, and he had all the power now. She complied as he got them both up, and clung to him wearily as he carried her toward the stream.

Enya tried to smile reassuringly at Bevin as she spotted the girl despite the tears that were still streaming from her face. Bevin returned her smile with a strong one of her own and a nod. She understood now too.

A carriage arrived, and Ivor carried her in before Bevin and the man with her settled in too. There was a whistle, and the three set off toward home, and the new life that only one wanted.