The Superheroes

The Evil Orbs Appear

By Pokemiah

Chapter 7's Original Plotline by Pokemiah and Sasquatch56 (as on most online games)

Chapter 1

Sector 17

Last time during part 1 of When it All Began,

One million years ago on a planet called Smiley Face. Another planet called Gaxi was attacking the Citalogs. They have been in the middle of a war for a while. So, the king decided that they would send their most powerful artifact, the Orb, to another planet and surrender instead of continuing a war that they cannot win. One million years later, the Orb landed on Earth causing a planet wide fluctuation of unknown energy. This caused some of Jeremiah's drawings to come to life. This started Jeremiah's quest to find the source of all this madness. Eventually, he made it to the newly created Cartoon Island. Upon arriving, the Orb fused with him. He got a chance to show off his new powers when giant robots attacked him afterwards. He managed to defeat them. Little did he know that some mysterious guy saw the entire thing. That concludes part 1's recap.

Now let's recap part 2 of When it All Began,

Jeremiah sure got a lot done in the morning after he got the Orb. He first met his alter ego, Superhero Smiley Face. He was the one who got Jeremiah home after the giant robot attack the night before. The mysterious guy who saw the fight also came out of nowhere. He revealed that his name was Greg and that he is the boss of the Earth division of a super secret organization called the Superheroes. The reason of his appearance was that he came to offer Jeremiah a job in the Superheroes. Jeremiah agreed. They went to Superhero Stadium in the Sahara Desert for his initiation. His initiation was to defeat the Mantisbots in order to pass. When it looked like he was about to be schooled, he switched to his alter ego, Superhero Smiley Face. He beat the Mantisbots and Jeremiah joined the Superheroes. Now, lets get started on this book.

Jeremiah is looking for his new base of operations, Sector 17. He is carefully following the arrow on his Emergency Watch. It takes him to his school, Tamaroa Grade School. When he got to a specific spot, directions on how to open the entrance appeared. They read as followed (Note: The reason I put step before each number was to make sure the numbers got in and didn't make some of the words disappear with them. This fix isn't in the actual version.)

Step 1: Input the code: WSRN1B.

Step 2: Place your hand on the DNA Scanner.

Step 3: Go to the door that should appear.

Step 4: In the password box next to the door, input this code: (Spaces are only to get the password in. There are no spaces in the actual version) NEW HERO JEREMIAH ELLISON COMMANDING OFFICER UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.

Step 5: Create a new password.

Jeremiah complained, "Seriously?"

Step 6: What is the deal with passwords?

After he read that step, he stated, "It has a point. What is the deal with passwords?"

Step 7: You got a transmission.

He was doing all the steps as he was reading. He did have a transmission.

Step 8: Answer it.

He answered it. It was the boss.

"I see you completed steps one through eight. Now, time for step nine. I have a question for you first. What do you think of Sector 17?" inquired the boss.

"It's a bit of a dump, but a little bit of sprucing up will fix that," said Jeremiah.

"I see. Anyway, time for step nine. Head to Superhero HQ 5. I know that you don't have a ship, yet. So, use the teleporter I installed about 20 teams ago."

"20 teams ago?" asked Jeremiah confused.

"You'll find out what I mean, later."

"Ok. Anyway, now you got teleporters!? First, it was talking computers. Then came spaceships. Now we have teleporters!? What's next, a sky base!?" shouted Jeremiah in disbelief.

"Yes. Superhero HQ 5 is in the sky. Way to spoil the surprise. Anyway, where did the living computers part came from?"

"You see, they helped me get to Cartoon Island. There were three of them and their names were Computer, Assistant, and Program. Hey, Superhero Smiley Face."

He appeared as a transparent figure and asked crankily, "Yes, what is it?"

"Do you know what happened to Computer, Assistant, and Program?" asked Jeremiah.

"Yes. They introduced themselves right after you beat the giant robots and I took over to get you home. They followed me back here. They said that they would hide in your school. They also gave me some numbers, too. Of course, I have no clue what good numbers are gonna do here."

"Those numbers might be their transmission numbers. What are the numbers?"

"Switch to me and I'll put them in."

"Ok. Transform!"

A tornado appeared around him. Everything started flying around.

He turned into Superhero Smiley Face. The tornado disappeared and everything landed neatly and everything was spotless. Talk about a quick cleanup.

Jeremiah appeared as a transparent figure and said, "Thanks for cleaning up the place for me."

SSF looked around and said, "You're welcome. Greg…"

"Boss," corrected the boss.

"Boss, why is everything so dusty except for the door and the magic box?" inquired Superhero Smiley Face.

"You'll find out soon enough, along with the 20 teams ago question," said the boss.

"I got one more question for you. How do you work this thing?" asked SSF.

"You should have just told Jeremiah the numbers. He could have figured it out. You act like you never seen technology before."

"What in the multiverse is technology?"

Jeremiah and the boss were both stunned by this question. Jeremiah, still in shock, asked, "What planet are you from? Mars?"

"No. Mars is also a new one to me. I'm from Planet Smiley Face," said SSF.

"I never heard of that planet before. Of course, we're still trying to make ships that can leave this solar system," said the boss.

"Ok. I'll switch back to Jeremiah," said SSF.

He went outside and a minute later, Jeremiah came in.

"So, is the teleporter calibrated, already?" asked Jeremiah.

"Yes. Why?" asked the boss.

"'Cause I'm going to contact my friends," said Jeremiah.

"Ok. Just get here before tonight's meteor shower."


He ended the transmission. Then, he called Computer. Meanwhile, in the school's library/computer lab, Computer receives the transmission. Computer, Assistant, and Program got out of their disguises as regular computers and answered. Assistant and Program appeared on the actual camera side of the screen. Computer appeared on the CGI side of the screen.

"Hey, Jeremiah. What's up?" asked Computer.

"Yeah. What's up?" asked Assistant like a gangster.

"I'm curious to know what's going on," said Program calmly.

"I got a job at this super-secret organization called the Superheroes. They even gave me a base called Sector 17. If you want, you can come live here," said Jeremiah.

"Is it ok with your boss?" asked Computer.

"You mean I got to ask permission?" asked Jeremiah, shocked.

"Well, duh. What are you, an idiot?" asked Assistant.

"No. I'm just the new guy," said Jeremiah.

"Even the new guy should know that," said Program.

"Your point?" asked a cocky Jeremiah.

"Just dial him up and ask," angrily said Computer.

"Alright! Alright! Take a chill pill. I didn't even know computers had emotions," said a annoyed Jeremiah.

"We're special," said Assistant.

He dialed the boss while he was enjoying his luxuries (bad timing). He quickly got in his suit (he was in his underwear) and answered.

"Hey, boss. I was wondering if my friends could live at Sector 17," said Jeremiah.

"Are they good at cleaning?" asked the boss.

"Ask them yourselves," said Jeremiah as he put them on the line.

"Why is one of them computer generated?" inquired the boss.

"Because his screen is being used," said Jeremiah.

"Ok. They can stay. Bye," said the boss hurriedly.

He hung up and went back to what he was doing.

"It's settled, then," said Jeremiah.

"Beats staying here," said Program.

"I'm tracking your location, now," said Computer.

"Good. I'll send you the instructions on how to get in."

A few minutes later.

Computer, Assistant, and Program came in.

"Welcome to Sector 17," said Jeremiah.

"I didn't expect your base to be underground," said Assistant.

"Well, I got to go do a mission. See you later," said Jeremiah.

He hoped on the teleporter and teleported to Superhero HQ 5.