Chapter 10

Congratulations! Now Cure the Rest of these People.

Jeremiah is at Superhero HQ 5. When he got there, the boss was the first one to greet him.

"Welcome back, Jeremiah. Where is John?" wondered the boss.

"Oh, simple, really. I already cured him. By the way, John needs someone to help him prove his innocence because for some odd reason he can't remember anything that happened to him while he had the Evil Orb," replied Jeremiah.

"Well, it's a good thing I'm also a lawyer," stated the boss.

"What's a lawyer? Hurricane said he was one, also, but I have no clue what one is," inquired Jeremiah.

"Somebody who studies law. They usually help out in court cases/legal problems. Besides, it's the perfect cover job since they both intertwine," answered the boss.


"Anyway, now I got a question for you. How did you figure out how to destroy the Evil Orbs in such a short amount of time without having to do a bunch of data analysis?" inquired the boss.

"You had me until you said something about data analysis. For the part I understood, the Orb apparently has a mind of its own causing it to take over my body and it showed me the process," explained Jeremiah.

"That is the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Then again, its probably the only logical explanation of how a seven-year-old can learn something that complex in such a short amount of time," said the boss.

"Hey, now. I may only be in 1st Grade. However, I can still understand an insult when I hear one," snarled Jeremiah.

"Just come on. We got six more people for you to cure," said the boss.

"Six?" questioned Jeremiah.

"There was an incident with one of the prisoners. I'll explain after all those Evil Orbs are destroyed," answered the boss.


They went inside the base. Jeremiah saw seven groups of people. Six out of seven of them had a prisoner. The groups that had a prisoner started forming a line. The boss came up.

He announced, "Everyone, pay attention. This kid right here is Jeremiah. I know what you're thinking. 'We've been waiting for a kid?' In technical terms, yes. However, he is no ordinary kid. He has a powerful object inside of him called the Orb. It's the only thing that can destroy the Evil Orbs without killing the person in the process. Everyone, line up so Jeremiah can do his thing."

The first group was Sector 5 with the villain, Lighting Larry. His Evil Orb was quite easy to destroy. The second group was Sector 25 with the Masked Ghost. He had quite some difficulty with his Evil Orb. Third was Sector 38 with Whirlwind. Fourth was Sector 13 with Waterfall Pat. While Jeremiah was trying to cure him, everything from anvils to pianos tried crushing him. Eventually, he got it. Last was Sector 7 with the Psychic. During this process, money was practically flying into Jeremiah's pockets. When Jeremiah was done, there was $1,000 in his pockets (which the boss took for the so-called "membership fee"). Like John, nobody had any memories of the time they were corrupted by the Evil Orb. The boss is rearranging his schedule for tomorrow because he is going to be busy.

He just got done and announced, "Ok, everyone. Congratulations on a job well done. We may call on you in the future to help with these Evil Orbs. For the most part, Jeremiah here will be in charge of all missions regarding the Evil Orbs. Thanks for your cooperation. Good night!"

Everyone left. The boss went up to Jeremiah.

"So what was the name of the villain that had the unfortunate incident? And, if possible, tell me what the incident was," inquired Jeremiah.

"The villain's name was Icy Pete. We have no clue what happened during the time Sector 22 was escorting her to Superhero HQ 5. However, they claim that they were attacked by an ice dragon on the way here," explained the boss.

Jeremiah remembered the frozen ship he passed by when he left for his and implored, "That frozen ship I passed on the way out of the HQ was Sector 22's ship, wasn't it?"

"Yes. When they got back, Icy Pete was dead. Symptoms point to a complete loss of energy. According to Colossal Boy, the leader of Sector 22, the dragon was made from the Evil Orb's energy. Without any energy, his body was no longer able to function," explained the boss.

"Whoa. Well, you should probably keep a close eye on them. I better get back home, no telling if Computer got that robotic dummy of me finished or not," commented Jeremiah.

"Ok, see you later."


Jeremiah got on his Changing Rocket and left.