I scratch out the lines under your eyes again and again; I will make you smile,
but the softness and blush has gone when I touch
your skin now. How?

Your face is unchanging. Your body is stiff.
As I look I see something inhuman within;
but I also see you and the way that you were,
so I won't stop until I make you work.

We play little games and we dance for the crowd,
but they don't understand; they're too brash and too loud,
so I take you away from the cold night of day
and listen patiently to all that you say.

They take all my money; they take all I own.
They take my respect and they take my home.
They say I have nothing, not even my mind,
but they won't take you. I won't leave you behind.

as I can't be with you
and I can't walk with you through life,
instead, I will talk with you,
and I will see though you into death.

The stars are in pain tonight.
Only you and I can hear their screams.
And if we hold on tight,
on top of that,
I hear you breathe.

You have no voice but you send me a sign.
You are still here.
You did not die.