Not Enough

And you're filling up my lungs,

Where the oxygen should be;

Whilst I tremble in these tears –

Turmoil in a saltwater sea.


And you're flooding through my veins,

Where the blood is meant to flow;

Whilst I fall and fly down –

Into someplace I don't know.


I'm the rust to your glimmering gold,

Tarnishing and dimming your shine;

My hands are shaking, legs are quaking –

Struggling with fingertips to clutch what's mine.


I'm lost in the woods without a home,

Hiding whilst you soldier on;

I say 'I'm sorry', you say 'don't worry' –

What's done is dead and gone.


And you're shining in my eyes,

Where emotions often hide;

Whilst I blink and say a prayer –

Before I'm delivered by the tide.


And you're wrapped around my heart,

Where strumming heartstrings should play;

Whilst my mind drifts in the chaos –

The night consumes the day.


I whisper words I need to say,

Words you need to hear;

But you're pulling away, you won't stay –

You say 'it's too late now, my dear'.


Your eyes are hard, and forcibly so,

And your hands are cold, too rough;

A wall is erected, a guard elected –

I know. Love is not enough.

I wrote this quite randomly last night… I hope you like it. And reviews are more than welcome. :D

X :D