A plea for friendship

January 27, 2008

Walk with me this shore:

How can I struggle on my own?

How can I breathe if I'm alone,

And if I hear your voice no more?

So please, please walk with me this shore.

Brave with me this world:

I'm bound to fail if you're not near,

I'll give in to my doubt and fear

And feel my life turn grey and cold.

So please, please brave with me this world.

Live with me this life:

Without you, all is dark and grey

And all's one dull and sunless day

With nothing there but hate and strife.

So please, please live with me this life.

Fight with me this night:

Stand by my side and talk to me,

Give me your hand and make me see

This senseless world still holds some light.

So please, please fight with me this night.

Walk with me this shore:

Without you near I cannot fight,

I cannot brave this lightless night

If I can see your face no more.

My friend…please walk with me this shore.