Let's play a game of make believe
pick a story from the picture book
you be the prince and I'll be the princess
and life can be the witch who separates us

I'll wait for you in the tallest tower
high up near the cotton candy clouds
with just the pretty songbirds for friends
I shall sing my lonely maiden song

And stood by a balconied window
I'll entwine cerulean summer flowers
into my braided brunette locks
while I wait for you to cross my path

Many will try to win my affection
upon valiant steeds brandishing swords
they ride and try to free me
but the prison of my heart
proves too strong for them

Will you dash on a stallion white
across moors and mountains alike?
And duel whatever beast that stands in your way
so you can use your key to unlock my heart

Come on Prince Charming
knock me off my feet
and long ago and far away
we can make a happily ever after