Background information:

This was a series that followed the first one. Some of these families are "Kralenkian." It was some planet I made up, and the people from there can use magic and communicate with each other through their minds if they are within vicinity.

Also, all the parents have known each other for a really long time, ever since Tonks' family moved to Earth from Kralenka (again, I'm sorry for these awful names and jaunt) when she was five. The first series that this is a spin-off of was based around Tonks and Eric, Miri's parents. And yeah, Tonks had a big family, which had eight kids, I'm pretty sure.

Any other questions about the ridiculous-ness you are possibly about to read, just PM me, yo.

Chapter 1

My name is Miri. Miri Jessica Nelson to be exact. I'm almost fifteen years old now. I'm small for my age, but I don't care. I'm happy with who I am. Anyway, I come from a huge family, just like my mom. I have two older brothers, Jonas and Eragon. They're eighteen now. I'm actually really close with Jonas. He even knows who I like, but he guessed that. I also have a twin sister, Macy. More commonly known as Mac. Then, we have a thirteen-year-old brother, James. He is a humungous prankster, just like my Uncle Tommy. After James, there's Hailly, who's eleven. She's really smart. She skipped a whole grade and is in seventh instead of sixth. Then, there's ten year old Ginny and Jennifer. Except Jennifer is more commonly known as J.D, for Jennifer Dylan. Then, last but not least, there's six year old Philip and Collin. They can be really annoying, but are also fun and loving.

All my cousins live nearby still. My Uncle Ben and Aunt Jocelyne live next door with my cousins, Zane, Eliza, and Bob. Zane and Eliza are ten and Bob is also six. Aunt Ana and Uncle Rick still live in the same house. Caitlin is now seventeen and Macen is sixteen. Justin and Joel are twelve and Danny is nine.

This summer is my second year of counseling at camp. Along with Mac, Peder, and Macen. Peder actually applied a year late so he could counsel with us. Macen thinks he's crazy and my friends, Amber and Elizabeth, think it's hilarious because I like him and they have this theory that he likes me.

This story starts the day my parents dropped us off for counseling.


"Mom, Mom! Stop!" I exclaimed. She was hugging me tightly and kissing my cheeks over and over.

"Sorry, sweetie," she replied, releasing me at last. "Promise you'll be responsible, unlike your sister."

"I promise," I replied, eyeing Mac, who was nearby with her boyfriend, Wes.

"Bye, my little flower," Dad said, picking me up. That's how small I am. Fourteen and my dad can pick me up. I hugged him tightly.

"Bye, Daddy," I replied as he hugged me and kissed my forehead. Then, he released me. I looked over my shoulder because I'd felt someone looking at me. At last, my blue-green eyes met the green-hazel ones that belonged to Peder. He looked away quickly, back to his mother, who was talking to him.

"Write every day, okay?" Dad asked.

"Sure," I laughed sarcastically.

"Keep an eye on Mac, okay?" Mom asked. "We gotta go."

"I will," I replied as they headed back for Dad's Jeep. After they'd left, I began walking towards Peder.

"Hey, P.J!" I exclaimed once I got close enough.

"Hey, Mir," he replied, blushing because Rachel had just been hugging and kissing him. "Bye, Mom, Dad."

"Bye, sweetie," they said, walking away.

"What's up?" Peder asked, brushing his gorgeous, dirty-blonde hair back with his hand.

"You know," I replied as we began weaving our way through people to go walking.

"No, I don't. It's been so long!" he exclaimed, holding back his laughter.

"I know! An hour is soooo long!" I laughed.

"My point exactly!" he laughed.

"Hold on," I told him as my phone began to vibrate. I opened it and there was a text from Jonas.

"I miss u alredy!" he'd typed.

"Lol. It only been an hour," I typed back. "Neway, I'll ttyl. Luv ya!"

"Lemme guess, Jonas," Peder laughed.

"Yup," I replied. Then, I spotted Macen walking ahead of us. "Hey, Hammer!" I exclaimed, running up behind him and jumping on his back. We call him 'Hammer' because his initials are M.C.H.

"Hey, Mir, P.J," he replied.

"Last year counselin', huh?" I said.

"Yup. Should be yours too," he said to Peder.

"You know my reasons," Peder replied.

"Well, I think you're pa-the-tic," Macen laughed.

"What's your reason?" I asked.

"Miri!" I heard someone scream.

"Saved by the bell," I laughed, jumping off my cousin's back to meet up with Elizabeth and Amber. "Hey, girlies!"

"Hey!" they exclaimed as we hugged.

"Girls," I heard Macen say.

"I heard that, Macen," I said, pointing.

"See 'ya later, Miri," Peder said, waving.

"See 'ya," I said, also waving.

"C'mon, let's go see what cabin we're in this year!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"Okay," Amber replied.

"When is the party this year?" I asked. Every year there was a party for the counselors down by the lake.

"Next Friday," Amber replied.

"Yeah. It's gonna be awesome!" Elizabeth exclaimed as we reached the main part of camp.

"We're in cabin sixteen," I told them, looking at the list.

"Who's our fourth?" Amber asked.

"Take a wild guess," I replied.

"Mac," they both said.

"What?" Macy asked, walking up to us.

"Nothing," we laughed.

"Where's Wes?" Elizabeth asked.

"His cabin," she replied.

"Which one?" I asked, flipping my phone open to text Jonas back.

"Twenty-two," she replied.

"P.J's in there too," I told them as we began walking to our cabin.

"How d'you know?" they asked.

"I'm texting him also," I laughed, holding up my phone so they could see the '22.'

"Who else are you textin'?" Amber asked.

"Jonas," I replied.

"Man! You guys are crazy close!" Elizabeth exclaimed.

"Welcome to reality, Liz," we all laughed, walking into our cabin.

"Oooo! I call the bed by the wall!" I exclaimed, running over.

"Fine. You don't have to scream, Mir," Mac laughed.

"Shut up," I replied, picking up my bag from the floor. It was like Hogwarts, they brought your luggage to your room. Or in our case, a cabin.

"Have either of you started reading?" Elizabeth asked.

"Nah," Macy and I replied.

"It was a bad book. Short too, I read it in a day," she told us.

"Yeah, but you read fucking fast," Amber reminded her.

"That doesn't stop it from being a bad book," Elizabeth said.

"We know," Macy said.

"Hold on. I gotta call Jonas. He's buggin' me," I said, flipping my phone open. "Jonas, stop the texts!"

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I'm unpacking," I replied.

"Fine," he replied sulkily. I laughed.

"I'll call you before I go to sleep, okay?" I asked.

"Yup. Love 'ya sis," he said happily.

"Love 'ya too," I replied, hanging up and throwing my phone onto my pillow next to my blanket, Shleepy, which Jonas had given me, and my teddy bear that Mom had given to me that Dad had given to her on their first date.

"Jona gettin' on your nerves?" Macy asked.

"A little," I laughed, bending over.

"Hello, girls," someone said through the screen behind me.