"No! shut the fuck up!" Cece shouted, very unhappy with my statement.

"We've been dating for two months, Joel, you can't be serious." But I was serious. I was breaking up with her. Although she was a total bitch, that wasn't the main reason I had to. I couldn't keep this lie up any longer, it's time to tell her the truth.

"Well, I know you're pissed right now, but just listen to me for a minute." I was a bit afraid of her reaction, but I didn't want to end this without her knowing. Not that I was going to ever see here again anyway. "Cece...I'm gay."



"Then, why did you agree to go out with me in the first place?"

I let out a sigh, "Rumors have been going around at school about me being gay, and although they're...true...I didn't want them knowing, so when you asked me out, I agreed in hope of the rumors coming to an end."

"So you lied to me."

"I'm sorry." I was being quiet at this point. I just wanted to sleep, or crawl into a hole and never come out. Besides my mother, she was the only person I've ever come out to.

After what seemed like an eternity, she said: "Alright, I'm leaving. Nice knowing you, Joel." I didn't say anything. I let her walk out from the bleachers we were standing under. I stayed for a while, thinking, I was relieved to have her off my back, but felt sick to my stomach to have revealed the truth.

I skipped three days of school. Once I decided to go back, things got a little weirder. Friday night, and it was time to leave. As I made my way past the couples making out in the halls, I went to grab my books from my locker, and inside it, there laid a note. It read: "Hey, Pearson, (My surname) meet me under the bleachers as soon as you find this." To be honest, I was nervious it would be some jock looking to kick my ass, but I went anyway out of curiosity, still being cautious, of course. Who wants to arrive home to their mother with a black eye and shit? Not me, personally.

I arrived at the bleachers to find a solicitous looking boy. I've seen him before...He sits next to me in my English class. He's quiet, like me. Attractive, shaggy black hair, peach fuzz beard under his chin. Sometimes we'd make eye contact in class, but I never wanted to start a conversation with him because, well, I don't really start conversations with anyone.

"Hey!" I said with a wave, jogging my way to him.
"Um, hi." He replied in a shy voice.
"You left a note in my locker?"
"Yeah, that was me.." He rubbed his left arm. "I'm Trenton."
"Why did you want to meet me here?" I asked, trying to keep an awkward silence from happening.
"Uh... I'm just going to come out and ask it- are you really gay?" I wasn't really shocked at this question. I have been asked that question so many times before, and I had always denied it. But this time...I wasn't going to deny it. This time is different. I wasn't sure where it was going to lead, but I was going to be honest.
"Ahhh, yeah... You don't have a tape recorder or anything on you, do you?" I asked with a smirk.
"No, haha. Um, here's my number," He gave me a prepared note with his number on it, written in blue ink. What lovely penmanship. "I'll text you tonight."
"Sounds good. I've never got plans, so..." I gave a smile, and a nod. We went our separate ways, although it was a bit awkward, I had a good feeling. It's not often something good like this happens. I was looking forward to that text of his.

Once I got home, I found myself waiting impatiently. I sat there for a few minutes staring at the old flip phone, it not making a buzz. Once I got up to get some homework done, it buzzed. I quickly snatched it and it read: "Hey, it's Trenton. Can you meet me at the motel on Martinique St. tomorrow night?". I was a bit nervous after I read this. It was obvious he wanted a sexual relationship. A lot of questions raced through my mind. But, I should agree, right? I had to reply before he thinks he scared me away..."Yes." -send- Okay, well I pretty much just officially agreed to have gay sex in a motel, with a guy I just met...alrighty then. The phone buzzed again, "Room 14. 8:30 good?". I started to type in "Yeah.", but I didn't want to go with a one-word reply again, so I decided to go with "Sounds good, see you there :)"

That night, I laid in bed, over thinking, and I established that this might not be such a bad thing. My mother wouldn't care, and I haven't seen my dad in years, so he wouldn't give a shit. I needed some change in my life. I was beginning to not feel afraid at all.

As the boring Saturday went by, I awaited the evening. When 8:00 came, I told my mother that I was leaving for the night, and would be back in the morning. I had received a "whatever" in reply. I grabbed my old shitty bike from the garage, and rode it to the motel. I walked along the edge of the building looking for room 14. Room 11, room 12, room 13, ah. I made sure that I wasn't too early, and knocked. Trenton opened the door with a smile, "Come on in."
The room was small and cozy, fit for two people. Two people that wouldn't mind sleeping in the same bed, of course. I spotted a small pack of condoms and a mini bottle of lubricant on the bedside table...Oh! I didn't think of this before! Who's going to pitch, and who's going to catch? This wasn't a question that I could just ask...

"So, which do you prefer?" Trenton asked, relieving my previous worry.
"Ummm" I needed a second to think. The bigger guy usually pitches, right? We're both the same size.
"Is this your first time?" He asked.
"Yeah." I replied truthfully.
"Okay, so would you like to be the catcher?"

We took our clothes off and I examined Trenton's body. Smooth, detailed, pale, a bit muscular...damn! He took a good look at my body and seemed pleased as well. He walked over to me and started feeling my stomach, shoulders, hips... As he motioned to his erection, I knew what to do next. I knelt down and took it in my mouth. I've never done it before, but it seemed to come naturally. I pumped it in my mouth, and took pleasure in his moaning. He played with my hair as I sucked him gracefully. He took my hands from his hips and lead my to stand up, and we kissed. We kissed completely naked, and flopped onto the full size bed, holding each other. I was under, he was atop. Trenton moved down, kissing my chest, going lower, until he reached my bum. He took the lube and smothered his fingers in it. I laid back, breathing heavily, watching him through my legs. He stuck one finger inside- "Ah!" I was a bit surprised at this new feeling. "I need to loosen you up a bit," He said, "Just relax, it's gonna feel good in a minute." He moved his finger around inside me. Then there were two fingers, then three- "Holy shit!" I shouted, after he triggered a certain spot inside me. "There's your magical spot." He said with a wink. He sat up, and opened the box of condoms with his lube-covered fingers. He opened the small packet, took out the latex, and wrapped it around his erection. "Okay, are you ready?" He asked, squirting more lube onto his hand.
"I think so. Promise you'll stop if it hurts too badly?" I asked, watching him rub his own condom-covered cock in clear, thick liquid. Oh damn!
"Promise." He said. I felt him at my entrance, pressing forward with caution. A jolt of pain ripped through my nerves as tears started to swell in my eyes, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected. Desperate for something to grasp onto, I held the bed sheets at my sides. I wrapped my legs around his waist, forcing him in further. With a smile, he gently grabbed my shoulders, and started slowly and steadily thrusting in deeper. He lowered his head down to lay kisses on my chest, whilst keeping the rhythm of thrusting. I let go of the bed sheets and deeply scraped Trenton's pale shoulder blades with my fingernails.

"FUCK! Holy shit!" I shouted, not out of pain, but out of pleasure. Trenton smirked and began thrusting harder, clearly getting a kick out of hearing me moan involuntarily every time he hit that magical spot.

"Ah- TRENTONNN!" I shouted as an orgasm ripped through my entire body. Trenton continued thrusting while he grabbed my cock and started pumping, as I came all over his abdomen.

On the last thrust, Trenton cried out and came inside the condom. Trenton removed his cock from my bum, and laid next to me. We were sweaty and breathing heavily whilst in each others arms.

After several minutes, Trenton got back up and removed the condom from me and threw it in the trash. "Hey," He said. "you won't be able to walk for a while."
"Yeah, I figured." I said, laying down with my eyes shut. "Let's sleep, come cuddle with me." I held up my arm. Without a word, he crawled under my arm. I opened my eyes to see his shoulders, with red lines that I had given him earlier. We laid there, naked and covered in my sticky white cum, and for the first time in a while, I fell asleep smiling.

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