"One of the things that I wanna say just aren't coming out right." - Lifehouse

Two years.

It had been two years that she had spent waiting, anticipating his return. Now that Ryan had finally come back, Kara could hardly contain her excitement. The exuberance was practically exuding from her body in thick, sweet waves. She ran her fingers through his freshly shaved buzz cut, relishing the feeling of his hair beneath her palms, the way it felt nudged between the crevices of her fingers.

Ryan held her close to his body, almost as if he'd never see her again. He pulled her high into the air and she squealed in delight. A smile wider than the length of the Mississippi River pulled taut across her face. It had been a long time since she had ever felt as happy as she had in this very moment. This light, airy aura of jubilance enveloping every part of her body was more stimulating than anything she had ever felt.

So she held on to that feeling like a lifeline, a life-saver keeping her afloat in the endless hurricane of her life. Ignoring the beginning of another being's life flourishing inside of her, she tightened her hold on Ryan, praying this moment would never end.