Waking up, I'm all stiff. The morning dew, seeping into my bones, making me chilled before the sun comes up. I lift my head up; I can't see the swing set that's squeaking, or the fountain that lulled me to sleep last night with its bubbling water. It's probably still too early in the morning for any people to be awake, so I'll just sleep a little longer. Besides, I'm still sore from yesterday. I curl up tighter into a ball, and wrap my dress around my legs again, and fall back asleep.

Ugh, what's going on? I open my eyes and see a huge furry nose and eyes right in my face. That's what was licking me? Gross!

"Come on boy! Let's go!" shouted a voice not too far away. Oh no! A human! I push the dog away and hide farther in the long grass around me. I wait a few seconds before I poke my head up over the grass. The man is gone. I don't know why I hid, but I know that I don't want anyone to see me in the park. I lean against the trunk of the tree that I slept under, and smooth out my dress. The world around me is much brighter than when I first woke up. I don't want to hang around the park anymore, now that I know people will be coming through here. I get up, smoothing out my dress and I start walking towards the houses I saw last night.

My back is now only a dull pain, so I skip down the hill and stop at the edge of the park and look up. Look at all the houses! There must be hundreds of people living here! I sigh out loud; crossing the road is going to be really hard. I can do this! I think. I remember what Simon told me about being in a city, and needing to cross a road, 'run, and don't even think about it.' I do as he told me, and then suddenly everything goes black.