Cheese Larinan

Period 5 Social Studies 8H


7 April 2012


I hear you mumble

Prayers of goodbye?

Maybe luck.

All I know is you cry over me every night

Soaking me with your sorrow or spilled blood

I don't know who it is who makes you cry

But I bet they want you to be brave

After you finish and straighten up

You shove me in the only place I know

The pocket over your heart shrouded in darkness

The quiet thump-thump of your nervousness is audible

Step. Step.




Your death-bringer is loaded

You shove your emotions and morals aside to make way for violence and your secret hunger for death

Just like Lincoln who put aside his love for his brothers for emotionless dominance over their disagreement

Like Davis who rebelled to protect what he secretly knew was wrong


The battle begins, jarring me from my thoughts

Blam! Blam!

One brother is down



You and I both know this fighting is pointless

But to you, what do I know?

I'm just a photograph.