After traveling miles to get to the promising destination I've heard of, I'm disappointed

All I see is the blood stained grass

All I hear is the screams of patients from the operating tents

All I smell is the decay of the piled corpses to my right

I can even taste the irony tang of spilled blood

I'm set on the squishy ground

Muddy with blood and urine

I'm set and I snap!

Capturing the scenery and blood in a horrifically innocent way forever

Next the memory of the tents is burned into my film

Soldiers emerge and pose for me

Waiting for me capture their faces forever and let history tell their tale


What a funny thing

Humans claim they can learn from it

But here they are, battling again

Brother against brother in this pointless war that was simply caused by national disagreement

While the Union and Confederates alike think in the future this is valuable history

All I see is pointless violence that can be negotiated


I blanked out,


Looks like I'll have to retake that one.