Screams is the very thing I hear each and everyday

After awhile the high pitched noises turn to simple noises of the operating tent

The doctor checks his tools one last time before spying me

With my small, curved blade

Perfect for reopening the infected wounds or unnatural swelling

He positions my head on the calf of the sleeping patient

He looked so sound lying there

As if he were sleeping and not going to operated on

My blade is run across the top of his flesh,

Leaving a straight line by my partner's steady hand

Red begins to emerge from the line

Big, fat, drops of infected blood seep out and run across the top of his shin

A pinkish color mixes with the blood staining the dirty white sheets below him

I see so many puss filled infections that I've lost my disgust for it

Unlike Saw

Who absolutely hates pairing up with Tourniquet for amputations.

When he sees that black marker

He instantly swears under his breath

I'm so glad I'm not him

I'd rather my smooth and treasured blade be covered in the pinkish fluid on the patient's lower legs

Than have to saw through the bone of a person