That night was like a dream, a paradise that anyone would want to go. The moon's shape was perfectly outstanding the darkness of the night. The light was hypnotizing, such a gorgeous sight. The whole village of Ruey was covered with fog that adds to the dreamy effect of the cold night. The sky was painted with the shades of blue and violet while the stars filled the sky. The breeze was calming, soothing the loneliness of any soul. It was so silent, so serene that it seems nothing would go wrong. The wind blew and swept my face. I shiver a little. Winter is coming, I said to myself. I went around the village knowing that no one would bother me. I ended up going to the highest hill of the village. I sat by the big, old Cherry Blossom tree on top of the hill. It shone beautifully like the moon. Each part glows, glitters magically; it was majestic. I rest there, feeling the comfort of the night.

I went home. As I opened the door. My father stood by the dining table near the door of my room looking agitated again. It doesn't surprise me anymore; he always looks at me like that since that day.

"Where have you been?" he shouted at me.

"I just went around the village." I answered without looking at him.

"Don't you know how dangerous it is?" he looked at me with his fiery green eyes.

"Dangerous? It's just the village, how can that be dangerous?" I felt my temper disintergrating.

"Yasha Therice Luna, don't you dare answer me like that!" he was so mad.

I turned my back to prevent any further conflicts but as soon as I took my first step, everything went black.

I saw myself all wet, crying. I was like seating on top of water. Ripples appear as each drop of tear fell from my eyes. I look helpless, weak, and too afraid of the dark. I tried to reach for her, the other me. I took a step; she looked at me while tears are still rolling down her cheeks. I stretched my hand trying to reach her. She also tried to reach my hand but a chain stopped her. Suddenly, chains started to hold her starting from her neck, then to her arms, going to her waist and lastly, her ankles. I just watch in terror as the darkness took her away. Darkness is all I see. I slowly opened my eyes.

"It was dripping with blood. I dropped it and just as soon as it touches the ground, I saw that patches of blood all over me. I felt fear; I don't know what to do. I look up, and there I saw my despair. On the branch of the Cherry Blossom tree I cherish, hung a man. He was illuminated by the moon though his face was shadowed. He was full with wounds, covered with blood. I fell on my knees agape, scared, and weak. It was only then that I realized that the man was my own father. Tears started to blur my vision. I cry in silence. The wind blew harshly and the clouds started to cover the magnificent moon giving in to darkness. I am too scared to move. I watch motionless in terror as each drop of blood touches the green grass. Hands on my face, I try hard to think what happened. Nothing came to me but the question, "Did I kill him?"