People treat you differently when they know your deepest secrets. I'm surprised my boyfriend stayed around as long as he did, considering. He's gone now, packed up and left. He said that I didn't love him, never did, and that the whole relationship was just a way for me to preoccupied. He's right.

I get bored easily. Apparently it's common for my kind. It's a peculiar term "my kind", it makes you wonder if we are really human. Sometimes I wonder if I am. Sociopathy, that's what the therapist called it. He said that I was a Sociopath, that I don't feel the same way as others do, I have little to no empathy, and no core moral sense.

I never cared for anyone, not really. Left orphaned at a young age, I was always picked on at school. I kept to myself, staying out of everything, avoiding people. All I did was watch. I watched what the other children did, how they acted, what they said. They were all stupid, dull, and boring. The only time any of them were remotely interesting was when they were trying to belittle me. Their insults were petty and unimaginative, calling me "whore", "slut", "freak", "bitch", and other such hypocritical statements.

Perhaps the best part of my childhood was when the circus came to town. All of us kids got to go see the show. I got pulled outside by a group of five older girls and they started to beat me up. They didn't have a reason; they just thought it would be fun and who better to target than the little freak with no parents and no friends. One of the circus performers found me while I was on the ground and the girls were trying to break my arms. He got the girls to stop beating me up and, eventually, I was adopted by the circus. I was treated well by the circus folk; they fed me, clothed me, and tried to give me a good education. After eleven years of living with them I decided to go my own way, studied to become a police officer.

It was good, working with the police. All my training with the circus made me great with the physical training, and my determination to stop being bored made me excel in the report writing and law study components. After five years of excellent work I was promoted to the Crime Investigation and Criminal Apprehension Squad. That's where I am now, the CICAS, but boredom is starting to settle in again. Criminals just aren't being interesting anymore. The last time I had an interesting case was six months ago from the Mirror Killer, a man who killed people in perfect symmetry. Criminals have no imagination anymore.

Chris found out I was a Sociopath six months into our relationship, he then stayed for another three years. He transferred to another district just to get away from me. People are so strange.