The Adventures of Boring Girl and Vampire Kitty

Michanda Jones was perhaps the most boring girl on planet Earth. She never did anything except study the most boring plants and animals on Earth for she was a scientist. One day, while she was in the Amazon Rainforest studying how fast grass grew, she was bombarded by a creature thought to be purely made up. Exotic birds had chirped above her, but the girl scientist had only been interested in studying the first buds of grass. With a dirty, gloved hand she had waved the birds away.

"My oh my, are those birds completely boring and dull," she had spoken in a lackluster, monotone voice. Little had she known, at the time, that her lack of attention would soon cost her more than a few million bucks.


A strange cat-like yowl broke out into the forest, and if Michanda had been paying any attention at all to the world around her, she would have known that the yowling cat hadn't been an ordinary cat at all. Just the same, she had smoothed her boring dirty, white lab coat, and had spoken aloud.

"If only the wildlife would go away, while I study this grass."

The yowling noise had continued to get louder, however, diminishing all her hopes of finding out how fast grass grew. Later, to her utter dismay, a cat with huge, fanged teeth charged towards her. Yet, Michanda still wouldn't stop studying the uninteresting grass.

The Kitty had then opened it's large mouth revealing fangs dripping with crimson shaded blood.

"Nummy food at last!" the vampire Kitty had spoken, unlike most cats, but still Michanda gave it no second thoughts and continued to stare at the grass.

As she was busy still studying the seemingly non-growing grass, the large fanged Tabby, Vamparic, housecat sank it's teeth into her and devoured her whole.

"This human is the stupidest, most boring human I've ever seen! If she had been smart and interesting, then she would have killed me instead. And, not only that, but she would have sold the knowledge of my rare species Sanguinarius Felidae to the world for trillions of dollars instead of the thousand or so dollars she'd get for figuring out how fast grass grows."

The Tabby Kitteh(A/N couldn't resist) had spoken.

To this very day, my dear readers, no one as of yet has seen or heard of the elusive Vampire Kitty, and this is no thanks to the most boring girl/scientist on the planet. Remember, my dear readers, that sometimes paying attention actually pays off in the end.

-The End-

((I hope you all enjoyed this short story of mine written after someone had bashed Vampire Kitty's in my Geometry Class. Enjoy! Don't forget to read and review, and yeah I already know the ending kinda sucks.

-Vamparic Kitty))