I Shoot

Why do I never fit in?

Lost outside these places I've been,

I'm longing for a human connection.

Yet, I'm stuck in a bubble!

Why do I want to be

Involved with these people I see?

They evolve through trouble.

As I sort through the rubble

Of the diminished feeling of

A snuggle – what's it like?

To tug on a mind, of your own kind,

trying to find, searching for a sign,

attempting to maim

but your maimed

used and

no longer tame.

You've lied about fame.

Sanity revolutionised to insane.

Cavities in the core of your tooth


crave the forbidden fruit, it doesn't fit

your skin. Redundant,

a fake in a suit whilst you realise being alone is good and other humans

from the outside


are really symbolic of narcissism –

out to dilute my fool package.

I shoot.