Just Have Fun

I'm sitting here in my seat,

Relaxing, listening to a beat,

Clearing my mind for a treat,

Not trick or treat,

It's not hallows eve,

But you have to believe,

Believe in the monster we all see,

He is hiding under what you want to be,

Cherish him.

He will set you free.


You have to follow the creed,

You have to pay attention to the rules,

You have to play along,

Or else you will be left a fool.

Handicapped in a cap,

You're trying to stop the drool dripping from your trap,

You're a marionette.

Running down the street at a high velocity,

You're high,

Not stoned,

You're throwing stones at the 503.

That's the police,

Hating them because they don't see,

All of the atrocities,

Imprinted in your memories,

And they make you feel,

Temporarily real but your fake,

Merely breaking the seal of a pack,

Within a pack of wolves.

You are sitting on a stool,

As they circle around you,


They don't make a sound

When they snap

And your found

And you're wrapped

In bubble wrap

Oozing bubbly crap in the woods

While you've got a woody,

And you're bloody.

Not bloody Sunday but bloody enough to make a sundae

With your head

And no one cares

Because you're dead.

Now all the mourners swarm

They are complaining

It's not warm outside in the graveyard

But their hearts are warm enough to be cold,

To do what they're told,

To always fold,

To never ever be bold.

Their brains are swollen

Swollen to a lump.

Air has been pumped,

To make a cancerous bump,

That's soft like a flump,

And you flunk

All of life's exams

Only to find

You've been damned


God damn

You're going to hell

Ring-a-ling goes the dinner bell,

The place is hot and they tell


Forever you'll sweep

With a dark broom,

Married to a demon groom,

Entrapped in a room,

Cause your doomed,

Eaten off a spoon,

This is held by a goon,

Formally known as the unholy lord,

Who will never be bored


To cut

Your chain with a sword.

The moral is,

When god is pissed,

When he is taking a piss,

Taking a whizz,

Pissed on a righteous spliff,

Having a childish tiff,

Messing with your life,

Making you stiff,

Making you sore,

Making your girlfriend a whore,

When you fall of the horse,

Because the saddle is too coarse,

It's lumpy and bumpy,

The creatures irate,

Dwindling his hands of fate,

Just remember you can give,

Yourself a break,

Have a kit-kat,

Get fat,

Reconcile with your dad,

Enjoy the little things, be an optimist, not sad,

Before you go straight mad,

Remember the good times you have had,

The first time you walked,

A crazy childhood fad,

A hawk's squawk that you thought was rad,

Your best friend chad and his black cat you loved to pat,

Please look ahead before you are forever dead,

Before the eulogies are read,

Before all is said and done,

Absorb the sun


Most importantly

Just have fun.